Domicile of No Remorse: Ch. III

We arrived at the door in a rapid fashion. The chill of the night dispersed after our sprint to the suspicious structure.

"Careful," Our Captain said. "We dont know who, if anyone, is in there. Stay cautious. No one fire a shot until I give the go ahead."

Everyone readied their weapons simotaneously. Honteyr's face was rock solid, as always during the heat of a mission. "One ready."

Tonsworth filed behind Captain Royith, his tall, yet slim, figure trying to compete with the Captain's shorter, more muscular build. "Two ready to go." He said.

I knelt at a forty-five degree angle from the door.  "Three good."

Alexandria, our German guide, knelt next to me. In her strong accent she finished "Four okay."

I looked to her. I could easily see her M1 Garand rifle shaking as it was pointed to the back door. I then looked to her face. Although a few specks of dirt and a smear of mud was found on her cheeks, I observed how soft they were. Her gentle green eyes were complimented by the glow of the moonlight. She was an extraordinary attractant to me.

She looked at me with a warming glance. I could tell she was frightened. We were told that war and guns and such were all new to her. I could tell this war will most likely scar her if the worst should show. She tried to crack a smile but could not keep from quivering. I clasped my hand on her shoulder. "Everything will be alright." I said with a reassuring expression in my voice. "Stick by us, and nothing unfortunate will befall upon you. I assure you that."

"Thank you, Ricardo. I will do so."

"Alright then. Breaching in three, two, one."

The End

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