Domicile of No Remorse: Ch. II

"What is it?" I whispered frightened as I cleaved to my M1919 Browning. The ammo belt was propped up on my forearm ready to fire into the machine gun.

"It's an enemy deuce and a half." Captain Royith replied. "Quiet down!"

All of us listened in silence and tried to hear the threat. We waited half of a minute but I didn't hear a thing. I hypothesized my comrades didn't either.

"I dont hear anything, Sir." Honteyr said in a soft, yet hard, voice. He checked over the wing of the plane and scanned the plain around the unconfirmed hostile house. "There's nothing I can see, Capt'n. Same as we saw last." He lowered his BAR and sighed a sigh comprised of relief and stress.

"Captain," Tonsworth started, "I think you should lay off of the LSD." The group let out a short chuckle at the remark.

"Alright, Private, if you think I am unable to do so, you check the premises. Everyone else, stand strong and cover."

Tonsworth ran out from the cover of the plane and ran towards the domicile in a zig-zag pattern. The reson for was incase an enemy soldier was scoping in on him. In less than a minute, he crossed the hundred foot gap between the mysterious building and the plane. He cautiously moved around the house, checking all windows and doors. Soon, after checking the front, he reappeared and waved us over.

"Alright, we're in buisness. Let's move!"

The End

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