Domicile of No Remorse

Foxtrot Company, or what's left of it, was on their way to an allied camp to resupply. The camp did not receive them and communications were lost. I was assigned to a search party to go find them. Rumours from the local German city tells of unheard of beings. Are they true?

"Is this the place?" I, Ricardo Chaine asked. I was looking at a house, blackened from blackpowder and smoke, from behind a crashed airplane.

"This is it." I heard Captain Royith say. He was our squad leader.

"It reaks. Damn it why must we search this place? What do the Nazi's do here, use this building as a latrine?" Corporal Honteyr complained.

"Well it's a nice, lushious clue that it is all real." Private Tonsworth said. "Foxtrot Company were unfortunate on a tremendous scale to have discovered this place. Command would not send us here if it was a legend."

"Watch it, Private." Captain said. "Don't shoot your mouth off where you are uncertain. We are here as a search party, not to discover legends. They may not have even came here. All we know for sure is that Foxtrot lost direction and communications around this area as they were on their way to the allied camp 7 kliks east of here. All else is rumour."

"A man from Bravo spread word to me," I sarted, "That a Nazi force came upon them and captured them. They supported no evidence. A rumour it is, but the most reasonable one that i've heard, Sir."

"And the rumour you have heard, Tonsworth," Liutenant Banting said "Is purely a myth. They could never be real."

"Which rumour this time?" Sergeant Alexandria asked bewildered.

"Get down, now!" Captain said and we all went prone. "Don't move a muscle and shut the hell up!"


The End

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