Dogs Don't Count!

It is a month before Jenny's 18th birthday when she realises that she's never been kissed. Well, excepting parents, family and her dopey Labrador Retriever Lysander. With the help of her excitable best friend Beth, Jenny attempts to find "the guy" in 30 days-of course, the "course of true love never did run smooth"...


"Jenny? Is that you? Do you know how early it is?"

"Yes, three minutes past five according to my clock. But I needed to talk, it's urgent. Beth, it's the 14th February."

"...Yes? Jen this isn't the time for Valentine's calls."

"No! I didn't mean that- I meant, do you realise what it is in a month's time? In a month's time it's my eighteenth, birthday."

Beth groaned down the line. "..My God, Jenny, I'm not going to listen to your wish list at five o clock in the fri-"

"Beth! Calm self! I meant...oh, shall I just ring you later and explain?"

"...Yes, call later. Bye." Beth frowned as she put her phone back on the bedside table and rolled over back into her sleeping position. What the hell Jenny had wanted to talk about was beyond her. And at five in the morning...Though she did feel bad for being so grumpy. She was meant to be Jenny's best friend, after all, and it wasn't as if she was going to get back to sleep any time soon.

Jenny picked up the phone after the first dial, and Beth smirked. It must be something important. "Alright, what did you want to talk about?"

"Thanks Beth. It's just..." Suddenly Jenny took a breath and it all came pouring out into the receiver. "It's a month until my eighteenth birthday and I've never been kissed and Beth you need to help me solve this."

"Erm, Jen, I know I'm your best friend and that, but," Beth couldn't resist. "I don't really swing that way so I'm afraid I can't solve it for you."

"Ew Beth no!" Jenny laughed. "I meant, we need to find a guy. I know, it sounds...weird, but isn't it worth a shot?"

"I don't know what you're on about Jen- I've seen Romeo snog you hundreds of times."

"Dogs don't count!"

The End

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