Chapter 2

It all began at the end of a normal work day, after they finished their route they stopped to draw straws and see who would take the truck back to the dump. For the first time in weeks it was Barry that drew the short straw, in a weird way he was looking forward to it, he hadn't seen Artimus in a while. And so they all parted ways, Barry heading towards the dump, and the guys heading back home, or more likely away for a few drinks before heading home. Before he knew it he was there. As usual Artimus was sitting there, waiting to open the gate, his youthful exterior hiding what under the surface was a very old and wise man who in his short time of 28 years had gone through so much, with the passing of his wife at a young age he had drifted into a state of depression, and would maybe have died if not for him meeting Barry, now he had a steady job, and was back on the upward path to making his life a success, and was now one of Barry's best friends and always available whenever Barry needed a chat.

"Hey Artie, how are you these days?"he shouted out the window.

"Barry! Good to see you stranger, not too shabby, found a couple things that might be to your liking, just gimme a shout when you're leaving." came the reply as he pulled the gates open.

"Will do, and we can have a catch up, see you in five."

And so he headed towards the back of the dump where all the trucks were parked. Then he spotted it, something that stopped him in his tracks, something sparkling from under a discarded, blackened bathtub. Stopping the van he jumped out and made his way over to see what it was, at least until he saw what it was still attached to. Then something knocked him of his feet.

The End

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