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Depending on how much time i have this story is gonna be longer than my usual and is about a binman who loves finding valuables among his local dump, until he stumbles across something which changes his life in a whole lot of ways
so far character names are gonna be:Barry, Artimus, Jessica, Kate, Morticia, Jessica, Sharon and Alex, with possible more to come hope you enjoy :D:D:D:D

Barry sat in the front of the truck, his mind drifiting to what he had imagined as a child, his mind zoning out from the two voices beside him.

As a kid Barry had watched the skies, imagining a world imagined by so many kids growing up, a world so amazing and perfect that there was no need for him to work, a world with flying cars and robots, an easy life. But this was not his world, instead he was a bin-man, yeah he met a lot of nice people, but it wasn't the life that he wanted. Then he blinked and was back into his reality, into a world whose existence had never reached its own hype, had never reached the lofty heights imagined by so many sci-fi writers, never quite achieved the peace that so many Miss World's had claimed they wanted, a world that was soon about to shake Barry to his core.



Barry wasn't what most people would call normal, his job, although fairly unpopular was acceptable, it made him money. His job however wasn't what made him unusual, it was his hobby that set him apart from the world, he liked to rummage and try to find valuables among the rubbish that he worked with daily. To date he had made over two hundred pounds selling gold he had found, not to mention some other interesting finds. A hobby which as I am about to describe, led him to the most inspiring, disgusting, scary, life-changing and weird experiences that he would ever encounter. One which would change all his ideas about what he wanted from life.

The End

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