Does what happens in Vegas have to stay in Vegas ~ 2Mature

"Lisa, we have been in Vegas for 2 hours and you want to gamble already", Julie said while following Lisa out of her room and down the hallway.  Walking up to the elevator, Lisa pushed the down button then turned to Julie.


"Of course I'm ready to gamble, this is my bachelorette party and we are doing what I want that includes gambling and finding you a man. The rest of the girls should be here in an hour. God Julie how long has it been since you've got laid, I swear if I were you, I'd have a new man every week".

By now Julie had tuned Lisa out, she was used to all her friends going on and on about how she didn't have a boyfriend and wasn't married but she knew that she wasn't ready to jump back on that train again.  She had dated Paul her last boyfriend, for over 2 years. Everything seemed to be going fine, they had even mentioned getting married but then she finds out that Paul was gay. She found out later that he already had a boyfriend on the side and had actually told everyone before he bothered to tell her, even her sister knew but didn't quite know how to tell her. 

For a few weeks after her and Paul broke up she wouldn't forgive any of her friends but eventually caved. She even forgave Paul, in fact they were now friends and Julie was friends with his boyfriend, Garrett too. They would get together once a month for dinner or go out for a few drinks.

Julie enjoyed her life and didn't need a man to make her life better. Her job as a physical therapist back in Boston paid well, she recently purchased a condo and she had a fairly decent car that would get her through the next few years.

Her parents lived a few minutes away and she was their for dinner almost every other week. Her sister, Monica and her husband James would usually join them and Julie could spend a lot of time cuddling her niece Sara, who just turned 6 months old.

Getting out of the elevator, Lisa dragged Julie to the closest bar, “this will work”, Lisa said as she sat down, slot machines were built into the bar. Julie sat down looking at the bar tender and order 2 apple martini's for her and Lisa. Once the drinks were dropped off and Lisa was busy with her game Julie turned to look around, she loved to people watch.


She noticed an older woman pushing through a group of people that were standing near a black jack table, as she watch she saw the older woman push a man. She caught a small glimpse of his attractive shocked face as he went flying to the floor his game chips scattered around him. Julie turned to see the woman sit down at a slot machine put her feet onto the stool of a machine next to her and start throwing money in to both machines.


Julie looked back at the man who was still sitting on the floor, he looked stunned, Julie couldn't help but chuckle because of the whole situation. 'People only care about themselves' she thought to herself. As she watched the man picked up his chips and looked around, his eyes caught hers and Julie turned around facing Lisa again, feeling bad about laughing at his situation. While pretending to be interested in how Lisa was doing she kept track of the old woman to see if she would apologize but the woman just kept playing, ignoring the man.


“Hey Lisa, I'm gonna go play a machine over their”, Julie said trying to get her attention but Lisa just waved her hand, she was in her own little world. Julie walked over to the woman, she decided that she was going to demand to use the machine that was being occupied by the woman's feet.


“Excuse me, I would like to use that machine”, Julie said. The lady looked at her said “go away” and went back to her game.


“What”? Julie said, she couldn't believe this lady.


“What are you deaf, I said go away, I'm using this machine, go find another one”.


Julie looked around she couldn't believe that this woman. Julie caught the man watching her and looked down. “You are so disrespectful and rude I hope they throw you out”, Julie mumbled to her. Then suddenly she turned around and headed for the door. Outside she sat on a bench and pulled out her cell phone to text Lisa that she was outside and needed to get some air. As she hit send she looked up and saw the man walking toward her.

The End

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