Does what happens in Vegas have to stay in VegasMature

Greg is in Vegas celebrating his buddy's bachelor party and meets Julie who just happens to be in Vegas helping celebrate her friends bachelorette party. Is it true what they say? Does what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?


Looking down at the floor Greg couldn’t believe what happened.  One moment he was sitting in the chair the next he was flat on the floor. His chips were all over the floor, gathering them up he stood looking over at his friend Jason who was trying not to laugh.


Yeah go ahead and laugh Jason”, Greg said trying to ignore him but it was impossible since Jason was now laughing outright not trying to hide it.  


Looking around trying to find the person responsible he noticed a women sitting at the bar. When Greg looked at her she looked away, he could tell she was trying to hide that she had been laughing at him.  Although he could now only see the back of her she seemed to be very beautiful with long brown wavy hair that fell half way down her back, a slim figure with long slim legs shown off by the short skirt she was wearing.


Forcing his eyes to leave her he continued his scan of the casino stopping on an older woman who was sitting at a slot machine, well technically she was sitting on one stool and her feet were on another as she was played both machines.  While watching the older woman he saw the young woman from the bar approached the older woman.  Greg watched them talk the younger woman pointed to the machine which the older woman’s feet were taking up residence and Greg assumed that the younger woman wanted to use the machine.  The older woman was glaring at the beautiful young woman and kept flicking her hand at her muttering “go away”. 


The young woman looked up and noticed that Greg was watching her, she stood for a moment appearing as if she wasn't' sure what ]to do then turned and headed for the nearest door.F or some reason he couldn't let her go, he looked over to Jason who was back to playing Black Jack and yelled over, “I'll be back in a bit, call me if you leave here and meet up with the rest of the group”. Then Greg ran toward the door hoping he would be able to find the beautiful girl who had grabbed his attention.


The End

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