Chapter 1Mature

A couple have just moved into a house and are having a good life, until one night they sit down and watch a horror film and then their life will change forever.

Dear Diary....

I just moved into a beautiful house with my fiance Jack, unpacking everything and then i realized it was 6:00, "you better start dinner" Jack shouted from the bedroom. But I couldn't be arsed to cook anything so I decided to get a Chinese in, as we sat down to eat our dinner, we decided to put a film on so we decided to put on Paranormal Activity, yes I know diary maybe some girls like to have a comedy or a romance but no I ain't like anything girls I love to have a horror to scare the living shit out of me haha. 

So yeah we was curled up watching Paranormal Activity, Jack thought it was shit but then doors where banging Katie the girl in the film was starting to become possessed so then Jack was enjoying the film. As we finished watching the film we climbed into bed, and then all of a sudden we heard a SMASH and then a BANG BANG BANG, honestly I thought someone got shot or something because it was that loud, from being scared from the film I got Jack to go downstairs and investigate after a couple of minutes he came back upstairs, "it was nothing just a couple of neighbours or something", so we both settled down and went to sleep. 

The End

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