Does It Make A Sound?

Allison has always been known for having a beautiful, angelic voice. But what happens when the boy she loves can't even hear her?

The lights dimmed, marking the end of another show, and the end of my pretend life. My throat burned from the hours of tireless singing I'd endured over the past few months. It was all worth it though. Now that it was over I watched as she left my body behind, her story over now that the curtains were closed. Hands reached out and pulled me into the hallway. Everyone was running down to the end to greet their audience, and I was pulled along with the crowd and pushed up to the front of the line. Unfamiliar faces poured out of the double doors, smiles across their faces. 

"Your voice is so beautiful," one would say, "how do you sound so wonderful?" another would ask. It was nothing I hadn't heard before, and I just let it pass by me like nothing. Even the small boy with the big doe-like eyes didn't faze me when he asked, "Miss, are you an angel?" 

"Amazing like always," My director praised as she held out a bouquet of red roses towards me. "That voice of yours could make you a lot of money." 

"So I've been told," I muttered. The other girls scowled as they ran into the conversation. Something else that wasn't unusual for me. 

"I'm serious, you've got a beautiful voice, like something I've never heard before. No one should live without witnessing it," She continued on. I just nodded, made an excuse for needing to leave, and headed out of the school, said goodbye to the auditorium for the autumn, and went home to sleep away the character and collect myself once again. 

"Look," Nicole muttered, rubbing her elbow against my arm as she pointed across the room. "We've got a new kid. He's attractive too. Maybe he's the one you've been waiting for!" 

"I really doubt it," I grumbled, although I had to agree that he was a site for sore eyes. He had the brightest of blue eyes and soft brown hair that hung just above his eyes. His skin looked sun kissed and radiant. He had the look of a soft fawn, which was something that I admired. I didn't find overly confident, tough guys too appealing, but more of the sensitive, sweet, adorable type. The longer my eyes stayed fixed in his pull, the closer I felt to him, and the tighter the hold. He had looked away, and luckily hadn't looked back over. It would be horrifying for him to notice me staring. 

"You should introduce yourself instead of creeping on him," Nicole murmured. She winked at me, and I knew that my gaze was obvious to her, and probably some other classmates of ours. I took a deep breath and followed her advice and made my way over to his desk with wobbly legs.

"Hey," I called out as I stood by his side. "My name is Allison. What's yours?" I tried to be as casual and friendly as I could, but he didn't seem interested. In fact he didn't even budge. Instead I stood there next to him uncomfortably as the other girls giggled at my misfortune. "Excuse me," I muttered. He still didn't react. I reached out my hand and poked his shoulder, hoping that maybe he would turn and notice me then. But at the same time I imagined another scenario, where he would turn with eyes enraged and bark out something like: "Don't you get it, you're not wanted!"

But instead his head turned towards me slowly, those doe eyes caught in mine. He didn't say a word, but just slowly blinked.

"Hello, my name is Allison," I repeated. "What's yours?"

He didn't reply, he just shook his head.

My shoulders tensed up and I slowly bit down on my lip. "Will you please tell me your name?" I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to crawl down under a rock, in the deepest hole. My cheeks burned and I couldn't stand the sound of giggles in the background, I just wanted to rewind time, it was a mistake to let my guard down so.

But he just shook his head again, and grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote:

I don't know what you're saying. I'm deaf.  

The End

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