Does Anyone...

does anyone care? why do people judge others?

Does anyone care about me and what I feel?

Does anyone see that I'm not okay?

Why do I get bullied everyday?

Why doesn't someone ask me if I'm okay?

Does anyone see I'm in pain?

Why doesn't anyone hear my cries?

Why do I get judged everyday?

Does anyone hear me?

Does anyone ask me if I'm okay? No, no one does

No one has ever asked me if I'm okay...

No one sees that I'm not okay

No one cares about me I'm just a nobody

That's a good question,why do I get bullied everyday?

I'm getting sick of being bullied everyday though

Soon enough I'm just going to end my life ...

I want to be seen

I want to be heard

I want to scream!

If my foster mom saw what was really going on with me it would hurt her a lot.

Does anyone...

The End

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