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For once Donna was speechless as she stood up and stared at her two doppelgangers. It was like looking into one of the sectioned mirrors they had in dressing rooms back on Earth. She was about to suck in a breath to shout for the Doctor, but he was already pounding down the aisle, apparently having heard the tumult.

Donna had never been so relieved to her the slapping of his Converse against the cold smooth floor. He had to know how to reverse this situation... because frankly, it was just too bizarre. There couldn't be three Donnas.

She avoided eye contact with her other two triplets. Acknowledging their existence would be like acknowledging that she wasn't the only Donna and so she somehow mattered less.


She smiled weakly at the Doctor's stunned expression and disbelieving tone. He ran his long-fingered hands through his already messy hair, mussing it up even further so that it stuck up all over the place.

"Five minutes," he declared, seizing her by the upper arm and dragging her along in the direction of the TARDIS, indicating to the clones that they should follow, which they did obediently, almost like robots. "Can't I leave you alone for five minutes? Honestly, Donna, you're like a child sometimes."

He pushed her between the shoulder blades to get her through the doors and ushered the two Donnas inside as well, pulling the door closed behind them.

Donna closed her eyes and blanked out the lecture; she was too busy choking back laughter at the Doctor's hypocritical comment on her behaviour.

"Well, Donna? What are we going to do?"

"Ummm..." she said, eyes flickering open. "I thought you could fix it!"

He stared her out for a minute, then his stone face cracked and the corner of his mouth curled upwards.

"Donna, you really shouldn't rely on me all the time," he shook his head, but pulled her into a crushing hug. "Though you're right to, of course."

Strutting around the console with an air of self-importance, the Doctor scruitnized the clones. He had whipped his glasses from somewhere and they perched on his nose and he went closer to each clone in turn until they were practically nose to nose.

"They aren't robots," he declared. "They are identical human clothes, except..."

"Except what, sugar?" the clone closest to Donna said, with a saucy wink which left Donna cringing. The other clone just smiled peacefully, looking up shyly from under her eyelashes.

"Yup," the Doctor turned away with a raised eyebrow. "These clones have each taken one side of you. They're the versions of you if you were bol, and - well..." he pursed his llips and moved on instead, "... or shy and sweet."

"Great," Donna enthused, voice dripping with sarcasm like acid. "Now you've figured that out, how do we get rid of them?"

The Doctor was stopped from replying by what sounded like a hailstorm outside, if the hailstones were the size of golf balls and thudding into the TARDIS with enough force to shake the timber of the door.

The End

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