Doctor Who- Time and Space...

Adventure series starring the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, travelling through time and space together- anywhere, anytime, anyplace- I have no idea where this is going, and that is the fun part. I guess it could be seen as an alternate series four- as I am denying Journey's End ever happened.
This is a collaborative story between RubyRoseRed, FictionFangirl and myself. I do not own these characters, they belong to the beebs.

'That is the last time I let you- any of you- near the TARDIS controls!!!'

The Doctor clutched at his messy, dark hair in exasperation at the sight before him.

Three, yes three, Donna Nobles stood in a line, arms folded across their chests, long auburn hair spilling over their shoulders and noses wrinkled in amusement at the Doctor's current state of dilemma.

The Donna in the middle unfolded her arms stepped forward, smirking mischievously.

'How was I supposed to know this would happen?' She gestured to her clones either side of her, who nodded in agreement.

The Doctor, still wide-eyed, said incredulously;
'I would've thought: 'Clone gun prototype- do not touch' was a big giveaway!!!'

The middle Donna wiggled her eyebrows playfully, grinning and resting her hands on her hips.

Just 10 minutes before had the TARDIS landed- after being controlled by Donna- randomly on some weird alien planet, called inventory 8. Although Donna had no idea where the TARDIS was going she'd pressed any button, pulled any lever and twisted any knob on the console she could see, until finally the TARDIS crashed violently onto the planet's surface.

Right outside the TARDIS door was the entrance to a huge warehouse building, at least the size of a football pitch, constructed of some kind of corrugated metal.

Inside the warehouse, numerous metal shelves were stacked to the ceiling with odd-looking alien weapons and gadgets, many rows of them formed into aisles like an alien library-  with guns rather than books.

'Don't touch anything!' The Doctor had immediately warned. Donna rolled her eyes and shook her head, ignoring him and wandering forward, slowly taking in her surroundings.

The Doctor stared all around in fascination, before skipping eagerly ahead of Donna.

Donna watched him disappear around the corner of one shelf and then suddenly stopped in her tracks, noticing a strange looking device on a nearby shelf.

She extended a hand, fingers brushing the cool, hard metal of it's surface, the Doctor's earlier warning of 'Don't touch anything' flashed through her mind But she shook it out of her head. After all, she reasoned, you only live once!

Donna gripped the device, picking it up and examining it carefully, it was surprisingly lightweight. Flipping the device over, she discovered a large, red, circular button. A mischievous grin lit up her face--a red button! That was the one thing you were never ever supposed to press, but for some reason her fingers automatically pressed down on the button, her heart suddenly began fluttering excitedly in anticipation of what might happen.

A silver beam of light shot out of the end facing Donna and hit her squarely in the chest. She squeaked in surprise as she was knocked flat onto her back, the device falling from her grasp and clattering across the cool, stone floor.

Donna felt a peculiar tingling sensation spread throughout her body. A sparkling silver mist wove itself around Donna's supine form, wispy smoke-like fingers clutching tightly at her limbs before imploding with a pop, shockwaves rippling across the floor.

That same mist slowly cleared revealing two bodies either side of Donna. She gasped and her eyes widened, taking in the two shapes next to her.

"This can't be good...DOCTOOOOOOR!!!"

The End

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