Doctor Who: The War of TimeMature

The dr. is the only surviving time lord. Or so he thought.
The dr crashes on gallifrey, his home planet. He meets his young self. And re-lives hell.........

I'm in the TARDIS, my home. Running round, pulling levers and pushing buttons. That's a regular day. But my joints are getting stiff from old age and running everywhere. What i need is to relax. Yes, that sounds lovely.

Me sitting on my giant armchair, sipping Cocao from a giant mug. Mmmmm........

Suddenly the console begins sceaming and the TARDIS goes out of control. Once again i'm struggeling to hold onto the console. My palms are still sweaty from dancing around like a maniac. I can't hold on any longer so i fall back into an old storage box. I cling to it. Soon the TARDIS has landed, crash landed but landed all the same.

I jump up and peak round the door. It looks familier, i'm sure i've been here before. It's like....... NO!!! What am i thinking, thats imposible!!!! I was about to head back into the TARDIS when in heard a voice.

"Ah, Doctor. Your so predictable. Take a glance then leave." He gave a sarcastic laugh. "Maybe it's for the best sometimes. Maybe but not today. You've been sent here for a resaon."

I frown, what resaon?

"Doctor, you never think. THINK!!!!!!!" He shouts. He gives up and tells me. "You've been sent here to change your past. Your terrible past." My head begins to ache. Then throb. Then it burns, like someones roasting my brain like a marshmallow.

"You know where you are Doctor. I know you know." I go to ask him what he means but he has ranished.

Maybe i'm right. Maybe this is Gallifrey!!!!!!!!

The End

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