...It's holding me, morphing me, and forcing me to strive, to be endlessly cold within and dreaming I'm alive...

Silence filled the room, but the moans and grunts still echoed in her ears. She'd cringed with fear as she saw fires of Gallifrey burning in his eyes and felt the contrasting cold swirling deep inside her. It had lasted several minutes but felt like an eternity until he'd rolled off of her, relinquishing his vice like grip on her wrists and laughing a deep, soulless laugh that chilled her to her core.

Donna shifted away from him, shame flooding through her, she retrieved her nightdress from where it lay on the floor and clutched it to her exposed form. A single, glassy tear slid down her cheek and she shivered as she sensed movement behind her.

...I want you now, give me your heart and your soul...

"That was very pleasing, Donna." His words were soft, but his tone was cold and cruel. She felt his hands slowly caress the bare skin of her shoulders, his lips pressed gentle kisses to the curve of her neck and she tilted her face away from him. She opened her mouth to speak, but no sound emerged. She'd asked him why once before, that earned her a slap, then several punches followed.

"You want to know why, don't you?"

Donna shook away her thoughts, the memories refused to blur, each bruise a painful enough reminder.

"I need to control something, Donna..." his voice was low, his lips traced the delicate shell of her ear, "I need to feel...power...I have nothing left, you know that. Nothing. I need something, I need you..."

Donna nodded almost imperceptibly. Timelords were once like Gods, regal and powerful- She'd felt overcome with awe at the stories of his past, but now all she felt was fear, empty dread radiating from the pit of her stomach, threatening to consume her everytime he was near.

...I'm not breaking down, I'm breaking out, last chance to lose control...


The End

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