Doctor Who- Gallifreyan Traditions

I wrote this as a christmas present for a friend on lj last year- she wanted a Ten/Donna christmas fic inspired by the Muse lyric: "Give me all the peace and joy in your mind". :) Oneshot. Solo ficlet.
The Doctor and Donna don't belong to me, I'm just playing nicely with them. ^^

"Relax completely, Donna" The Doctor whispered. Donna lay back on her bed, eyes closed, whilst the Doctor sat cross-legged facing her.

"Remind me again, why we're doing this?" she said quietly, frowning while her eyes remained shut.

"You asked what timelords did instead of Christmas, this is what we do. We don't celebrate Christmas, we celebrate each other, being at one with each other"

Donna shifted slightly and opened her eyes, looking over at him.

"How does it work then?" she asked biting her lip, looking slightly worried.

"We both relax," he sighed softly,"and we find someone, a partner, to share the moment with,"

"Uh..." Donna shifted again, "This isn't some kind of timelord sex-thing is it?"

"No," he smiled.

She gasped as he moved over to her, and carefully lifted his leg over her hips, lightly straddling her.

"How does this?... What? This- I- don't...know-" she struggled to form a coherent sentence.

"Shhh," he put his finger against her lips, "Relax, Donna, and clear your mind of all thoughts"

"Like... meditation?" she said, almost sceptically.

"Sort of, yes. Are you relaxed?"

"Yes, yes I'm relaxed," she rolled her eyes.

"Close your eyes, Donna," he moved his hands to her face pressing his cool fingertips to her temples.

She looked up at him, then sighed and closed her eyes.

Suddenly she felt a rush of many emotions surging through her, threatening to overwhelm her.

Damn, she wanted to cry, she felt so sad, then grr, she wanted to wring that skinny boy's neck or throw something at the wall...then give him a big cuddle and tell him how much she loved him and loved travelling with him...then throw him down on the bed and- whoa, whoa, whoa! Where'd that last bit come from?!

Her body jerked slightly, as did the Doctor's as though a bolt of electrical energy had zapped through their bodies.

She had no more time to think about it as she suddenly became utterly serene. The calmest and most relaxed she had ever felt in her life. Her mind was clear of all thoughts and she felt her heart beat slowly, her breaths coming surely and steadily.

She felt the Doctor's refreshingly cold fingers still pressed against her skin and she felt him move against her, his chest pressing against hers gently, but just hard enough so that she could feel the equally steady beat of his two hearts in sync with her own.

As they lay pressed together, connected both mentally and physically, she heard a faint song inside her head. The ethereal singing grew louder, in a tongue Donna could not understand, though she assumed it was Gallifreyan. It was soothing, calming. Almost like a lullaby.

After two minutes, the Doctor and Donna lay peacefully entangled, sleeping softly. They were finally at one with each other.

The End

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