10th Doctor: An unexpected phone call

The Master is back and wants revenge. He finde both the 10 th and 11th incarnations of the Doctor. Bringing them into a trap, he starts to play a game. A game of memories.
Will these painful memories break the Doctors? Will Amy, Rory, River and Martha be bale to help their Doctors stay strong. When they are sent into a perilous maze, it becomes harder for the Timelords.
Will they get through this event or will the Master (and an even more powerful enemy) win once and for all?

"No don't do this to me!" I scream as the TARDIS, yet again, travels of course from where I set it.  

Picking up my trusty hammer, I give my longest ever companion a few good whacks with it.

After that only receives a good grumble, I lash out with my right foot then stumble back as agony rips its way through my big toe, through my foot and half way up my leg.

"Ow! That hurt!" I complain allowed as soon as the pain dies down.

The familiar thumping wheezing comes from the TARDIS engines as the ship lands.

I run around to the other side of the console, grabbing the screen and having a look at the readings.


When: 54th Centuary

"This looks interesting." I tell the console as I jump down the steps, grab my long brown trench coat of the coat hanger, and open the TARDIS doors.

A bright orange sky greets my eyes. Not a cloud in sight. Nor a sun. The grass is a blue purple colour, clashing weird with the sky's colour.

I take a step outside the TARDIS and turn to close the doors.

Inside, a phone rings, causing my legs to twist and immediately bolt back into the room. All thoughts of a new planet leaving my mind.

It's Rose! My mind irrationally tells me, causing my double heart beat to treble.

"Hello? The Doctor here" I say cheerfully into the receiver.

"Ah, Doctor. Nice to hear you are still about." An all to familiar voice comes out of the receiver.

"Master," I say, my hearts dropping like stones into my stomach, "What do you want?"

"What do I want?" He replies, sounding too innocent to my likings. "how do you know I want anything?"

"You are calling me. Why else would you?" I ask, smile also dropping.

"hmm... Maybe I would just like to see you." He tells me sounding cheerful.

Memories of the young Koschie run to the front of my mind. My best friend and only confident. Inseparable.

"Doctor! Don't listen to him!" A scared female voice shouts from the distance.

"Shut up Miss Jones." The Master says, his voice slightly quieter as he turns from the phone.

"Martha. What have you done to her?" I ask him, anger immediately flaring.

"Nothing. Yet." The Master replies, still too cheerful.

"What do you want?" I ask as I run around the TARDIS, setting the co-ordinates to find his location.

"Revenge Doctor. I want revenge."

"What for?" I ask, more to keep him talking than anything else.

"You destroyed Galifrey. Our home. Our families. My wife." He replies.

I freeze in my position at the last sentence. Another set of pictures running through my mind. This time of the Master, before entering the Matrix with his wife. The pretty, blonde haired beauty from the south.

"I'm sorry it-" I tried but he cut me off.

"No. No no no no no. Don't give me that. I don't care if you are sorry. You kept me from my wife, my little girl." The Master growls, all pretence of cheerfulness gone.

A resounding ding sounded from the console. She has located his position.

"I take it you have found me. Come along Doctor. I have a new game for us to play." With that, the line disconnects and the TARDIS hurls herself back into the time vortex to find the only other Timelord out there.
The End

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