Doctor Who: Aliens in Spance.

Have you ever longed to climb aboard theTARDIS and enter aother dimension? Meet the Doctr and join him in outwitting his enemys? Well, now's your chance!

Grth Hardeez' overloprd of ther grim and the gruesome Golons, has released a black hole into tht soler system. His plan to annhilate Earth. Only the doctor- and you- can save it!

To: You, Chris.

From: TheDoctor

Chris, may I have a nanosecod of your time? I am about to go on a space trip. I shall need a new assistant. I have two very able ones. They are standing ovr me as I type on my word box,er Processor. Have you met them? Peri and Turlough. Peri's a cool young miss. Dresses whith flare and thinks whith zip. ("Or the otherway around" Turlough sugests.) She comes from New England in te US of A.  A real Annie Get Your Stungun gal! Turlough, now- he went toschool in 'little ol' EWngland'. Good shot with a laser gun.Good man in a tight spot.

My new promises to be very exiting; so awseomw, so terrible, so mind-blowingly-earth-shatteringly (litrally!) so-("Get on with it!" Turlough has just shouted over my shouler.)- er...well...that I shall need a new assistant.

Peri's asked me to say:THE DOCTOR NEEDS YOU!

WARNING: Before you decideto accept my offer to join the crew of the TARDIS, beware! Are you ready to have a go? Wherever you are in space, whoever you meet? Dare you pit your strenghs and wiits against that monster of th Miky Way, Garth Hardeez? Dare you look apon the terrible queen Tyrannica, Garth's devoted and beutifull wie? Not to squeamish to face Garths master-slaves, the golons?Could you bear to rup shouldors with the golons slave robots, the slimy black maggots? Could you square up to a black hole?

Not put of? Good! Welcm aboard. Step into the TARDIS  and begin the adventure of your life with me, The Doctor.  

The End

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