Oh what spring can bring...

Dr Sans was startled as his next patient was walking in...burping and sneezing? Well here's a first. He thought to himself as he recomposed himself from the slumped position of his chair.

'Uh what seems to be the problem miss?'

'Isn't it obvious?' Maybe he shouldn't have used that tone, he thought. A rough day perhaps?

'Well no. Maybe due to the fact that I've never witnessed such a strange display of symptoms.'

'I thought you were a doctor.' Is she having a go at me? Thats it!

'Well duh! Why else would you come here? Now let me look on dummies-diagnosis dot com and see if we come up with anything.'

'Oh I've never heard of that before. Is it new?' You've got to be kidding me woman.

'It's been around quite a while actually, for qualified users,' he paused. 'Have you been drinking too much fizzy drink?'

'Perhaps. And jelly snakes too.' Right.

'Then I think we've found the cause of your burping, however I can offer no solution but for you to give up this habit of fizzy drinks and jelly snakes.'


'Unless you want to be continuously burping like this.'

'Fine. Anything else you'd like to ruin about my life?' She began to appear serious for once.

Taken aback, Dr Sans said, 'Madam, it is for your own good. Now would you like something for the sneezing?'

'Right. Yes please.' He handed her a flower, the type that makes people sneeze and laughed as she stamped out of his office. What a day its been, wonder who my next patient will be...  

The End

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