The Foot Patient

So one day a middle-aged burly man walked in with toes the size of coconuts.

"What seems to be the problem sir?"

"Madame," she corrected [wait this thing was a woman?] "I was  with my friends one night and we went out for a bit of booze and well, lets just say the Girls Night Out was more like a Girls Three Nights Out, I can't really remember to be honest doctor."

"I'll take a guess and say you kicked something repeatedly with your foot. A wall perhaps? Does that jog your memory?"

"Oh yes! Lets see, I was coming home from the pub met this guy and I kicked him...once...ok about twenty times. Can you help me doc? The pain is ex-ex-ex-excruciating."

"Yes I think I can. Now lie back, this won't hurt a bit."

Doctor Sans examined this strange creature for a while but he coudn't find much wrong except the foot. She was disorientated but not much more. Even the foot was only a bit of bruising.

"Well Miss. I'll give you this bandage and off with ya!"

The End

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