A question of Existence.

Where am I?

There is no light. The emptyness is pressing against me like a crowd. But what is a crowd? I can't remember.

I can't see anything. I can feel my body without touching it, but it's not here. Is that possible? It's like nothing exists in this darkness.  I think I'm scared of the dark. Am I scared of the dark? What does it mean 'to be scared'?

My body is thumping. I think it's called a 'beat'. The middle bit of me goes 'Beat', 'Beat', 'Beat'. It feels....natural?

If I touch something (how do you touch?) it feels cold. Cold all around me.

I think I like it. I think it feels nice.

I don't feel worried at all. I don't know what 'worried' is, but I'm sure I would know if I was feeling it.

I can move! 'Movement' feels like 'intense' and 'Ouch' put together. I feel 'Ouch' all over my body.

Now I think I'm standing. I remember standing. Standing feels like not standing but instead, it's tiring and I feel like I want to stop standing again.

Something is changing. There is something with me. Is it around me? I think it is called 'hearing'.

Yes, it is. I can 'hear' something. It's a 'Pat' 'Pat' 'Pat' hearing sound. It's everywhere now. The darkness is making a sound?

Can a sound get bigger? The 'Pat' sound is getting bigger. Bigger than the darkness. I don't like it. Go away!

Where is away? Can I go away? Who am I?

The darkness is gone. I still don't feel worried. But now I am worried if I don't feel at all. I want to feel.

The darkness is all gone. Everything is real now; everything has got a shape. The place I am in has a shape, with lines and flat bits that stretch up and across - like a room?

 The bit of me where I am speaking to myself from hurts. My 'face' hurts. The 'brightness' hurts. I think I remember....

....is this Light?

There is a darkness in the light, in the middle. It looks like another me. It has a body, but I can't see it. The body is too dark.

Now I feel worried. I want to 'run'. But I can't remember what 'running' is anymore. My body is moving away from the light.

This is one thing I can remember. It is called 'Fear'.

Now there are more sounds.

"Shhhh...It's ok. I don't want you to feel fear anymore." Is the new sound. I can only understand the sound 'Fear'.

The other me moves and drops down, backwards. Now I can see a 'face'. It isn't me; it has a lighter 'colour' on top of it's head, and the things it looks with are like the sky. I can remember the sky a little. There is no sky where I am now.

I remember! The other me is a 'He'. I think so, anyway. But now I'm not sure of 'him'. I don't like 'Him's. They make fear for me.

But strangely, I feel like I know more when I look at him. I remember things, but I can't see them in the place I am thinking in. My body remembers things instead.

"You are safe now."

I like the sound of 'Safe'. I feel a bit less worried when I hear that. My face shows my happiness. He shows his. I can remember that this is called 'smiling'.

"I will teach you about life again. Come and stay with me."

He gently stretches out, and I can now see a hand.

I know! I know what to do with hands!

When you see a hand, you should take it.

So I do. Now I feel very happy, and something called 'warm'.

The End

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