Doctor Dahl

A young girl wakes up in a darkened room, alone, afraid, and without memories. The first person she meets is a man named Dahl, and he gives her the opportunity to 'change her life for the better'. She soon becomes entranced by his ways; but all is not as it seems. Can she work out who she is? Will she ever know the intentions of this strange Doctor Dahl?

It was four-thirthy in the afternoon, on a Sunday. Wintertime eagerly dragged the sun down behind the artificial horizon of roof-tops, and the moon could just about be seen on the opposite side of the sky.  There was a tentative feeling in the air this night, as fate began to move. Happy families churned away at their lives inside their cosy little homes; talking, eating, and living the rest of the day out in comfort. Peaceful could not describe it; this scene was more like the flutterings of billions of butterflies simultaneously.

In the midst of the chaos of life in that small town, was where the Mays lived. Two Mays, in fact; 10-year old Beth and her father Graham.

And at that precise moment in time, Beth May was in fear of her life.

As her father sat at the nearby kitchen table, Beth carried a tray of hot coffee past him, slowly and carefully. She could see her tiny features in the reflection inside the mug; red-raw eyes, a sniffly, button nose, and black bruises lining her swollen lips. The tray rattled a little then when she shook, and her father's dark eyes swam up from his newspaper to watch her.

Step by step, she inched towards the table. She was truly trying her hardest not to upset him, or to anger him. Still, though, her hands shook with emotion from her subconcious.

Finally, after half a minute, Beth was about ready to set down the tray. Her hands lowered gently, inches from the surface, a smile growing on the inside of her face. Maybe she could go quickly to bed tonight, without any fuss. Maybe she could sleep with her head outside the covers, instead of inside them.

Then her father tripped her up.

Boiling coffee flew through the air in all directions, and the metal sheet clattered angrily to the floor. Beth was knocked backwards off her feet, and landed with a crack on the tiled floor.

"What the f*ck do you think you're doing, eh? Trying to f*cking kill me are you?" He screamed, running his hand upto her throat and pressing his thumb into her throat to cut out her bawling. Beth writhed under him, but she knew that it was pointless. She might as well just take what was coming to her.

"Stupid B*tch!"

One slap.

"Just like your f*cking mother!"

The second came harder.

"You're never going to get away from me! You're with me forever!"

The final punch left her smothered in darkness.


Just over an hour later, she awoke in bed. Her tiny frame was covered in sweat and tears again; not all of them her own. She rolled onto her back.

Moonlight was now drifting onto the roof of her bedroom. Nighttime was peace, for her. Most of the time, Beth could sleep and forget about her real life; and this gave her sanity. Not that a 10-year-old would know what sanity was.

Slowly, and half-naturally, she drifted off to sleep. She remembered her father's words then, about being with him forever; and a single tear drained out of the corner of her eye. Little did she know, that even if some people say forever, they very rarely mean it.

The last noise she ever heard was the sound of the window knocking against the wall, pushed by a silent breeze.

The End

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