Do You Want To Be My Friend?

What being a friend means, to me.

Do you want to be my friend?

 I don't bite, I promise.

But there are a few things that we need to discuss if we're going to be friends.

I hope you understand.

I'm not talking about rules, like 'treat your friends how you'd want them to treat you', even though I will treat you like I want you to treat me.

No, I'm going to tell you something else.

SomeTHINGS else.

I just wanted to tell you how I'm going to act.

I can't promise I'll be there for every moment you need me. It may not be possible. But I can promise that I will try my utter best to be with you when you really need me.

I can't guarantee we won't fight, but I will never hold a grudge against you if we do.

I'm not going to be one of those weak, feeble people who just nod like bobbleheads when they talk - or should I say, LISTEN - to their friends. I'm not going to hang onto your every word and follow your every command. But relax, I don't expect you to hang on MY every word either. I'm also not going to try to bring you on my side. Your choice is your choice and difference can bring more into friendship.

I want you to be able to trust me, trust what I say. Because unless I have to lie for your betterment, I will always speak the truth.

I want to be able to trust you with my secrets. I need to know that you won't tell them to anyone. If you can do that for me, then I can also.

I don't want you to backbite about me. If you feel irritated or upset by something I do or have done, then come talk to me about it. Don't go complaining to others about it. I know it can't be something physical, like if you think I'm ugly, because I know you won't judge me on THAT. In turn, I will never, ever talk about you to others behind your back. I will say what I need to say to YOU, and no other. And I will be as gentle as I can.

If you have a problem that I can help you fix, I will try to help you. Even if you don't want me to. I'm sorry, it's a habit. And I wouldn't want you suffering anyway.

Don't take me for granted. I may not be here forever. I'm not going to be here whenever you want me. Don't take advantage of me either. Friendship is not based on you copying of my answers, and me living off your gratefulness. I want to be friends with you, not with anything else.

Don't be afraid to tell me anything. If you want me to listen, I'll listen. If you want me to help, I'll help. If you just want to unburden yourself, I'm right here to hold the load. I hope I can do that with you, too.

Before you ask, yes, I can be a bit of a goody-two shoes. I can also be a bit of a baddy-baddy. But I will accept you for who you are, if I cannot change you in the process. I won't force you, though. I'd like to think you'd do the same for me.

DON'T lie to me. It's like a stab in the back, a fake word of love, a complete FURY to me. I don't want you thinking I'll like you better when you're lying, or whatever. I want complete, heck, even BRUTE honesty (unless you just got the news my mom died or something. Then, please be soft.).

And I will try to be your friend, forever.

It's what friends are supposed to do, right?


Do you accept?



The End

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