Into the Darkness

Aileen stared at the floor in horror; a lifeless body lay at her feet.

"Aww, the little boy protected you, how sweet?," the crazed teacher chuckled.

She raised the gun into the air and, without taking her eyes from Aileen, pointed it at another helpless student; a boy with black hair. He was as tall as Aileen; his hair was black, gelled to a point at the front of his head and a blond streak ran through it. His skin was pale, whether it be from sheer fright or lack of sun but he stood firm on the ground; he wasn't going to hide.

"Go ahead, shoot me for all I care, I already called the cops," he said in a stern tone.

The teacher widened her eyes in surprise and spotted the phone in his right hand.

"Damnit boy, you make my life so much harder," she growled.

A red glow of a siren blared through the broken window; the teacher began frantically looking for an escape.

Aileen stood there, watching the insane teacher run around the room, as did her classmates. Then Aileen heard something, a groaning sound. What was it? She looked at her feet. The boy who had been shot was alive--he was trying to tell her something. He motioned to the teacher with his limp hand, dragging blood across the floor.  Aileen wanted to help him but fear had already swallowed her hole--then he spoke.

"Girl, get the gun, shoot her,"

Aileen shook her head. She couldn't, how could she risk dying? She lifted her head and looked at the boy who had called the cops; he was staring at her, at the wounded boy.

"What did he tell you?" He mouthed.

The teacher still searched the room, peering out the window at the cops. She couldn't take the door, she'd be caught outside. Should she jump out the window and make a run for it? She'd have to kill all the students first so they wouldn't tell who the criminal was. She'd take the girl with her though, she most likely had the Crystal.

"He said take the gun and shoot the teacher," Aileen mouthed from across the room.

The boy closed his eyes as if preparing to die; he was going to do it.

"Hey girl, if I die right now, just tell everyone my names Eddie okay?" he said aloud.

Aileen's eyes widened.

"Eddie," she thought, "that is a good name."

The teacher turned on her heel and made her way towards Eddie. His face was blank; fearless.

"What did you say boy?"

Eddie sniffed, "it's none of your business old hag!"

The teacher gave out a loud scream and pointed the gun straight at his forehead.

"I'll kill you just like the other one!" She shrieked.

With a swift move of his hand, Eddie grabbed the gun and pointed it toward the ceiling. The teacher shot it and blew a hold clean through to the next level of the school.
Eddie began cursing and quickly kicked the lady in the stomach; she let go of the weapon. There was a silent pause as Eddie shakily placed his pointer finger on the trigger. A loud sound followed by a black bullet shot out of the gun; Eddie was knocked backwards as the teacher fell to the ground, blood pouring from her mouth.

"Damn you boy, damn you," she coughed.

Eddie gave a smirk at the lady.

"Old hag," he coughed, then laid his head on the marble floor in exhaution.

The lady grabbed her stomach and slowly got up--she wasn't going down that easy.

"Little brat!" She cried, kicking him in the side.

Aileen stared at all her classmates; they weren't going to help. One girl caught her eye though. She was a bit chubby with short blonde hair and brown eyes. The girl looked at Aileen with a frightened expression.

"What do we do?" the girl mouthed.

Aileen closed her eyes and looked at Eddie, the teacher was about to shove her foot into his gut for the second time. 

"I'm not gonna let him die," she thought to herself.

"Hey, teacher, lady, thing," Aileen yelled, waving her hands frantically.

She quickly searched her pocket for a leftover gum wrapper. Yes, she had one, thank God.

"Over here, I have it, I have your Crystal!"

Aileen raised the wrapper to the sky, concealing it so no one could tell it was just a wrapper.

"You want it?" Aileen shouted angrily.

The teachers foot stopped halfway from kicking Eddie.

"My Crystal!" She screeched. "Give it to me fool!"

She began sprinting toward Aileen in great strides; she was on the verge of breaking Aileen's hand for that Crystal.

"Then go get it!" Aileen cried, throwing it out the broken window from where the bullet had pierced.

"No you little peasant girl, look what you've done!"

The teacher violently pushed Aileen to the floor and catapulted herself through the window. The glass exploded into splintering fragments as drops of blood sprayed throughout the room. Aileen felt a warmth rising from her, blood. As her eyes closed for what she thought would be the last time the face of a police officer appeared over her.

"Is she okay?"

"She's been wounded, so were two others, get the stretchers."

The End

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