The Awakening

Imagine everything you know that is true about the world and throw it away; this is how Aileen feels. Darkness is arising on Earth and only she and her five surviving classmates can defeat it; they just don't have a clue how.

The pitter-patter of rain could be heard from the back window of classroom 342. It was the first day of school and Aileen had just taken a seat next to a boy named Tommy. He was a sophmor, one grade up from Aileen but she didn't mind. Aileen was smart for age, she got moved up to a few higher classes that was all. Tommy glanced at Aileen, she caught it but looked away. Aileen had always been a shy girl ever since she entered school. Tommy began tapping his pencil on the table which made Aileen look again; did he want her to notice him? He had a soft face with bright blue eyes and dirty brown hair; he looked built and tall for his age. He smiled a gentle, kind smile and looked back down at his paper. Aileen couldn't help but blush. Yes, she was a beautiful girl, very attractive but she was nerdy and shy; no boy had been confident enough to smile at her.

The bell rang for class to begin and the students instantly settled down. A tall, thin woman strutted into the classroom, a think layer of concealer covering her tired eyes.

"Alright class, your homework for tonight is up on the board and begin writing down today's lesson," she snapped.

Aileen closed her eyes in annoyance and opened them once again. She picked up her pencil and began writing on a sheet of paper. In the silence of the classroom Aileen heard her teacher angrily mumbling to herself.

"Where is it? Where is that damn thing?"

She felt Tommy scoot his chair away from the table, as if ready to escape at a moments notice. Aileen couldn't help but feel the same way; something was wrong.

Suddenly her teacher let out a great shriek and turned to her students. A shiny metal object lay tight against her fingers, ready to be fired.

"Alright, one of you took it--where is it?" She snapped, waving the weapon around the room. "If you don't tell me who has it I'll shoot!"

Aileen gulped and clenched her pencil; this could be the end. She wanted to run, to get help; she was about to stand-- a strong hand grabbed her thy from under the table and sat her back down. Aileen flicked her eyes toward Tommy who's gaze was fixed on the teacher. A bead of sweat ran down his face.

"You leave me no choice," the teacher growled, grinding her teeth. "I choose to live a normal life and this is what I get for it, my Crystal is stolen from me!"

Her finger slipped and she pulled the trigger, the bullet shot through the window.

"Damn" She mumbled.

Aileen saw Tommy close his eyes and place a gentle hand on his pocket. This is what Tommy had come for, the Crystal.


"Now the cops will be on my trail," she hissed.

The students in the class dare not move a muscle; they were too frightened. The teachers eyes flicked over each and every one of the young teenagers, finally landing on Aileen.

"It's you isn't it?" She screeched.

Her seemingly old legs propelled from the front of the classroom, reaching Aileen's table in a matter of seconds.

"I can sense it near you," she sniffed, grabbing Aileen's shirt collar.

"I-I don't know what you mean," Aileen cried.

The teacher slowly pressed the gun against Aileen's face; she flicked her head towards Tommy.

"This man, I can feel his concern for you girl," she whispered.

A tear dripped down Aileen's face, hitting the table.

"I never seen him in my entire life Miss," Aileen stuttered.

The teacher blew a strand of black hair from her eyes and turned towards Tommy, his eyes fixed on the gun.

"There is sorrow in your heart boy but I do not care for sorrow," she said blankly, "only for my precious, my Crystal!"

Her finger pulled the trigger and a flash of light hit Aileen; the last thing she saw was Tommy hitting the floor.

The End

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