Do You Remember?

(I suggest reading my story 'The Boys' Club' first) This one shot has to do with two characters from my previous story, Itami and Envy when they were little kids. When they didn't hate each other.

The clearly polished glass shimmered on the sliding door as it was smoothly opened the hand of a young woman. The young woman had long blue hair that glistened like ocean water as she stepped out into the morning sunlit flower garden in her backyard. With her other hand, she was ever so gracefully leading a small child in her path – her youngest son, Envy. The boy was four years old and had short ocean-blue hair with a bang that also covered part his eye. His big crystal blue eyes were full of wonder and awe at the sight of the world that surrounded him. And his mother couldn’t help but smile in adoration at him while he was wearing that white and blue sailor boy uniform that was obviously way too big for him.

Now while looking around, Envy spotted an old rickety dog house nearly hidden by rose bushes that looked out of place in one far corner of the beautiful garden. As he examined the rotting structure with a soft gaze, he noticed something shifting inside of it.

“Onii-tan!” the small boy gasped excitedly, pointing towards the dog house.

Glancing from the dog house and back at her child, Envy’s mother shook her head and frowned. Noticing his mother’s expression, Envy questioned in squeaky voice, “Momma, how come onii-tan can’t ever come inside? How come he can’t have friends? Why does daddy always have to bring him his food? How come I can never play with him—?”

Instantly, the woman pressed a single finger to his lips and sighed. “Your brother does have a friend, Grey; he comes over every day but they do stay outside,” she placed a hand on his shoulder and knelt down to his height. “And for those other questions... all I can say is your brother is very reckless. Your father and I sometimes are afraid of him because of his appearance, and we don’t want him to hurt you.”  All Envy could do was stare at her as if she was crazy.

“But momma, onii-tan won’t hurt me – he’s my onii-tan! At least give him a chance.”  Without another thought, he left his mother’s side and fled towards the dog house. Astonished, the mother stood up and almost ran to go get him when she stopped herself and thought for a moment. Her expression changed to a kinder one.

“Well, they are my boys,” she said to herself. She turned back towards the glass door and walked inside.

Meanwhile, as Envy became only mere inches away from the doghouse entrance, he stopped and listened. Coming from inside the doghouse, he could hear a conversation going on between two people:

“But Itami-tan!”

“I said, ‘no’. N-O – that spells ‘no’.”

“Please, Itami-tan! Please marry me! Pleeeassseeeee!”

“I’m not going to marry you.”

Bewildered yet intrigued by the voices, Envy scurried over to the entrance and peeked inside. The talking stop.

Inside the doghouse, two pairs of eyes looked back at him. One pair was a sweet purple that gleamed with the same interest as Envy’s. These eyes sat on the dirt caked face of a boy about Envy’s age with shaggy black hair that covered his wide purple eyes, who wore a gray sweatshirt with patched cat ears on the hood. The other pair of eyes in the back of the doghouse were different – they were a fierce fiery color that seemed cold yet warm at the same time. These eyes belonged to a muscular boy with matted black hair and a red bang who had several scars and wore a dusty leather coat. He was Envy’s brother.

“Nice to finally see you in,” the muscular boy smirked, revealing sharp wolf-like teeth.

“Onii-tan...” Envy gulped.

The boy sitting beside Envy’s brother narrowed his eyes and snapped, “You never told me you had a brother, Itami-tan!”

Envy’s brother, Itami, chuckled as his sly smirk turned into a caring smile. “Calm down, Grey, he’s harmless. Anyway, he’s mother’s sheltered little kitten so he’s no threat to you,” he mused, ruffling Grey’s hair. “Come on in, Envy, we don’t bite...” Itami said, gesturing to Envy with his hand, “...much.”

                Hesitantly, the small blue haired boy got down on his hands and knees and crawled inside. Although, there wasn’t much room, the three of them were able to fit in comfortably. Sitting next to Itami gave Envy a chance to really look carefully at him. One big thing he noticed was that Itami didn’t look like anyone he’d ever seen in their family – he also noticed he looked as if he could’ve been the devil’s son, or even a fallen angel with no wings. He was completely opposite from Envy who had soft skin, crystal eyes, shiny teeth and clean hair. This was why their parents were keeping them separated.

                “Aaaaaaaassssss I was saying,” Grey continued to whine; noticing that Envy wouldn’t keep his eyes off Itami. Almost by instinct, Grey pounced and wrapped his arms greedily around Itami’s neck. “Sorry kid, but he’s mine! Soon we’re going to be married and, Itami-tan and I can play with each other and be friends forever. ” Envy whimpered childishly. Even though he didn’t fully understand the meaning of marriage, he already knew the concept of two people living together; and he wasn’t about to give up own brother up that easily.

                “But he’s my onii-tan! We’re gonna play hide and seek together and make cookies and watch TV and--!” Envy cried, tugging on Itami’s arm. Itami exhaled desperately and attempted not to get his blood pressure running too high.

                “Both of you please knock it off. First of all Grey, for the last time I will not marry you. Secondly, Envy, I don’t see the harm in spending some time with you for a change. After all, you are my brother,” the muscular 5 year old declared. Envy smiled brightly as Grey sulked against the wooden wall of the doghouse. Itami shook his head and grinned, grabbing both his friend and his brother by the wrists, pulling them out of the doghouse and into the sunlight that bathed the garden.

                “We’re going to play hide and seek, like Envy suggested,” he announced to the two younger children, winking at his brother. Suddenly, Envy felt a surge of pride knowing his older brother was on his side. Now pointing to Grey, Itami added, “Grey, you’re going to count to 30.” Just at the mention of his name, Grey beamed.

                “Yes, sir! Whatever you say, Itami-tan,” he willing obeyed, saluting him in the process. He then turned around, covered his eyes and started counting aloud at a steady pace. Itami smirked as he looked down upon Envy.

                “As for us,” he started, getting Envy’s attention. Itami reached out, grabbed him by the wrist, and began running through the garden, dragging him along.

                “W-where are we going?” Envy stammered.

                Looking back at him but still running, Itami replied, “It’s ‘hide and seek’, isn’t it? Grey’s counting, so we’re hiding.” He turned his head to look straight ahead again and continued running.

                Envy smiled nervously and just followed without saying another word.

                A few seconds later, the duo came across a small dark cave covered by more rose bushes near a pond. “In here!” Itami hissed as he trusted his younger sibling inside the cave. Once Envy was in, Itami got in behind him, and together they both huddled in the far back; either one of them able to see the other clearly.

                “Onii-tan, it’s dark in here...” Envy whimpered helplessly as tears started flooding their way into his eyes.

                “Shh...Grey will find us if you make too much noise,” Itami told him. He took a deep breath and sighed, “...but don’t worry; big bro’s here, little one.” He wrapped an arm around the cowering young boy and pulled him close. Envy gasped quietly at first but then felt a sudden rush of security. He breathed in his brother’s musky scent and cuddled next to him as close as possible; shutting his eyes half way.

                And the two brothers snuggled there in darkness the rest of the morning in each other’s arms.

The End

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