Do you love me like I love you? (Hikaru Hitachiin)

Okay, right..
I wrote this quite a while ago so please go easy on me. Oh, and by the way, for those who don't know who Hikaru Hitachiin is he's an anime character from an anime (duh) called Ouran High School Host Club. I hope you don't mind that I use an OC for this... Sorry Hikaru fan girls >__<

Hoshi watched him from afar. Her eyes glistening in the bright light. She loved him so much, but he loved her. Her eyes shot over to a young girl who he was running up to. Haruhi. God how she resented that name.

'Why, why does it hurt so bad?' she thought sadly.

It hurt, oh how it hurt so bad. It felt like someone was stabbing her right in the heart. All of a sudden warm, salty tears were streaming down her face. She didn't want to cry, especially not in front of the whole entire school.

However, what Hoshi didn't notice was Hikaru looking over in her direction, worry was written all over his face and his eyes were suddenly wet too. Whenever she cried, he cried. He hated to see her cry.

Haruhi looked at him gently and placed her hands softly on his shoulder attempting to comfort him.

"Go after her" she whispered.

As soon as Haruhi gave him permission he ran as fast as he could to Hoshi. When Hikaru got to Hoshi she looked up at him with teary eyes.

"Why? Why does it hurt? I don't want it to hurt"

Hikaru sat down with her on the grass, his hands gently embracing hers.

"I hate to see you cry, it makes me cry" he laughed wiping away his tears with his sleeve.

"What's wrong?" he asks whilst wiping away Hoshi's tears with his thumb.

" I can't hide it anymore Hikaru, I just cant!"

Hikaru's eyes widened. Either from hope or fear. Did she love him like he loved her? Did she hate him? Was this even about him? Who knew.

There was a long pause as an awkward silence filled the air, until Hikaru decided to break it. He was dreading to ask this.

"Hide what?"

She looked into his eyes deeply Millions of thoughts flying through her head. What would he say? Does he love her like she loved him? Would she be rejected? Who knew.

Then she said it. Those three little words that can either destroy you or make you.

"I love you..."

The End

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