Do you choose a career or does your career choose you?

Read on to find is about Indian education as i feel about it....

Standard ten and plus two students are at a turning point in their lives. They have to decide on their future… I mean, are forced to decide on their future.

            Sometime back, every youth wanted to become a doctor on an engineer. Then it was the turn of, C.A. and a bank job. Now the “in thing” is computers, fashion designing, and IT.

            My grandfather used to say, “In my childhood days, after coming from school I used to play a lot with my friends in the neighborhood. Several indoor and outdoor games were our favourite and not a day passed without our indulging in one or two of these.” Now children do not find the time to play. After school, they go for tuition or coaching classes. On returning home, they have a cup of tea or coffee and then attend to their “homework” (Nowadays even Standard 1st students are burdened with homework!). Once that is over, they sit in front of the T.V. until their eyes and mind become tired and it is time for bed.

            Early mornings are no different. They are woken up at five, read their lessons till seven and then swallowing some breakfast in a hurry, rush to school with a twenty-kilo books bag strapped to their backs.

            Every moment of the children’s free time is spent studying so that in the future they may become “great people”. What the teachers and parents of today don’t understand is that they are actually pressurizing the children rather than helping them. Due to this, the children think of studies as a burden rather than thinking of it as fun and thus do it grudgingly.

The education system of today has robbed the children of real joy, which truly belongs to them.

            After all childhood is all about having fun and it is supposed to be the happiest period of life. Even if you study really well and get a good job with a good pay, you cannot buy back your childhood!           

      The education system of today is making the children’s lives “an all work” no play zone!

            Some parents who have not realized their dreams expect their children to fulfill them. “Son, I very much wanted to be a doctor, but I couldn’t; at least you should achieve this dream of mine” is something which is heard often in many families. “You must become an engineer and be the pride of our family” is another angle of approach!   


In this list of status careers has now been added, I.T. Engineer, Genetic Engineer, M.B.A., and a few other vocations. Children thus programmed think that only this or that career is good for them and they are unable to respond to their inner self.

            Parents think that if their child wants to become an artist or a musician, it is below their status. They think that such professions are not well paying. What parents don’t understand is that work is not just about money, but also about the interest and fun in it. What parents should understand is that the type of work is not important but the way it is done matters. For example, a farmer who puts his heart and soul in his work is much better than a CEO who does his work for the sake of earning money.

            If you ask a child in India, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” the child in all probability will say, “Doctor”. However, if such a question were asked to a child in any western country the parents would object to it. For they know that the child is not yet ready to take such a difficult decision.

            In countries like America, any youth entering college will have to study a variety of subjects for the first two years. During this time, they decide on which subject attracts them most and then they specialize in that subject during the third year. However, here in India, even during the plus one stage the child is forced to take a decision about his future. The career ring surrounds you like a hula hoop and you start dancing to keep it in place!

            As a result of this system the children become captives of the marks they obtain. “If you are unable to score more than eleven hundred marks then you are not fit to be my son,” shouts a father. “Forget about becoming a doctor, become a cow herd instead!”

            Such kind of talk demoralizes the children and they start studying mechanically with the sole purpose of obtaining marks.

            Even children who study fairly well are sent for coaching. Most busy parents don’t have time to teach their children so they pay money to tuition teachers to teach their children instead. Therefore, the children lose interest in studies and study only for attaining good marks in the upcoming exams. Modern children don’t have time to observe the beauty of a butterfly or a wonder of a rainbow. If by any chance the child shows any interest in the fine arts, he is immediately reprimanded by saying that these will not help him to earn a decent living. The child’s enthusiasm is thus killed and the inborn genius and talent in him are destroyed without surfacing.

            The ranking system based on marks obtained must be done away with. A boy who studies very well gets lesser marks because his handwriting is not good enough for the examiner! Further, the ranking system kills the comradeship between students of the same class. Only jealousy and competition prevail. This leads to disastrous things like cheating and attempting to bribe the examiner.

            There is a lot of talk about dropouts these days. It is believed that poor parents send their children to do some job to increase the family income and this is the main reason for dropouts. Though this may be true, it should also be remembered that the educational system is so boring that children would like to drop out at the first opportunity they get, instead of trying to convince their parents that they would like to continue with their studies. School education must be made interesting and lovable to achieve a reduction in dropouts. Unfortunately, people (i.e. teachers and parents) only seem to care about academic toppers and tend to forget about how the students, or rather children, feel.

            Coming to higher education, there is a move to close down ‘non utility’ courses like history, literature, sociology, philosophy and even science! This is a very dangerous trend and will result in degradation of our society. Our aim should be to provide decent jobs to people who graduate in these courses, and not to close down these courses. These courses are as important to a nation as any other so-called utility course.

            Another shortcoming in our education system is that even primary education is imparted in a foreign language in many schools. These children are unable to read or write properly in their own mother tongue. This will be a great setback to the future generation of our country. A good educational system should impart primary language in the mother tongue of the child and all children whether rich or poor must study the same subjects in their mother tongue. This will develop a feeling of equality, which is lacking today in our education. Today children belonging to well-to-do families study in the English medium and develop a superiority complex and others studying their own mother tongue feel let down.

            Besides these reforms, school-going children must be closely watched and encouraged gradually in the subjects of their interest. Thus when they reach college level, they will be sure of themselves and the career of their choice.

            Entering a career just for the money it will bring, will not be satisfy the soul or give real happiness. On the other hand, the career you choose should be challenging and joyous, besides being rewarding. Only then will you experience a sense of achievement and fulfillment.

            I would like to conclude by saying that a child has the right to choose his career and not the other way around. After all, it is his life!     

The End

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