Do You Believe Me?

this is a story that started out as a Halloween English assignment, with the challenge that it could only be one page long.
Well, obviously it has grown way past one page long as i have already fallen in love with my characters and their unwritten adventures, dreams, and aspirations that are swishing around in my head.

It was supposed to be a camping trip that none of us forgot because it was so fun.   None of us forgot it alright, but not because it was fun.   I’m not sure if any of us know what really happened, or at what point our imaginations kicked in to change the story.   All we know is that that night scared us, changed us, in a way we never knew possible.

It was a domino effect- each decision we made led to another, and with each decision we were buried deeper and deeper into a hole we couldn’t get out of.   It started with Bailey whispering a story, her face shadowed by the glow of the campfire. She insisted that her story was true, and despite our laughter, we found ourselves slightly trembling as she recounted how the family had been murdered in the abandoned factory less than a mile from our campsite. Sounds beyond our clearing made us jump, but we foolishly laughed it off.   Stupid.   What happened then… and for the rest of the night… is a terrifying blur. Terrifying.   As much as we’ve said over and over again what happened, nobody believes us.   Nobody.   Our parents- our parents say we’re crazy.   They believe something happened on our trip… something, anything but our explanation.   Now they use words like psychiatrist and counselor.   It’s so frustrating, it almost makes me want to- No. I can’t.   Then I really would be crazy.   I’m not crazy.   I’m not.   I know what really happened to me and my friends that night.   Do you believe me?

The End

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