The move

It felt like it took forever for the last night in the house to come. We all had so many memories in the house. All but three of my christmas's were spent here. I was 13 now. There 10 long years of memories, that we were leaving. My ma wiped a tear from Meg's face. My sister was excited and all but she would miss it to.  Everyone would. Even jackie. We hung out in my room all the time, playing cards,a board game, making a dance, and sometimes just talking. That was another thing I loved about Jackie, she understood and related to a lot of things.

Jackie slept on the box spring of my bed on the floor. As I slept in my bed. We began talking at 10:00.

". . . abbs." Jackie says breaking the silence.
"Ya?" I ask.
"This will be the best summer yet."
"Why is that?" I ask staring at the cieling.
"We'll be together. I feel safe, abbs. Your family is great."
"No" I pause. "Our family is great."
"Yes, our family is great."
"My ma was telling me that we have a bedroom, for guests. So you'll get your own room."
"Really? Thanks. So, your getting a horse?" she asks.
"Yupper, I have already been looking. My dad has gotten more then three times what he got. My ma said we can get a few. But I want to make sure we dont let this money thing get to our heads. you know? It could cause us trouble in the long run if it does," I say. Wow, I am talking a lot.
"I gotchya. So that means I'll have my own horse to?" She asks.
" Our family is amazing," emphasizing "our."
"Well, you mean a lot to the family jacks." I say yawning.
"You guys mean a lot to me, I'm tired to. Lets hit the hay,"  yawning.
"Okie dokie artichokie, Love you jacks," I say giggling.
Jackie laughs trying to spit out what she was attempting to say,"Lov-e y-ou to a-bb-s."
"Night night," I say trying to hold in a laugh.
"Don't let the bed bugs bite," she added.

And ended our conversations at 3:00 am.

The next morning we woke up at 6:00am to take apart and load the tv's and other furniture. Everything was already in truck loads at the new house. I never really asked my ma about the new house, and if it was big. Surprisingly, it never came to my mind.

Jackie and I shuffled our feet to the pick up truck following the 2 moving trucks, we were following them to the airport. Somehow all that stuff was going on the plane with us.  It was 8am now. It would take about 8 hours by plane to get there. Jackie and I each had our ipod,phone,random book, note pad, and a pencil. It was going to be a long flight.

When we got to the airport the plane was waiting for passengers to arrive. They loaded all of our belongings as we got checked and gotten our tickets. It really wasnt the busy for some reason.  Jackie and I quickly headed to two seats. I got the window seat and Jackie got the outside seat. Soone enough we were  about to leave the lane for the eight hour ride ahead of us.

The End

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