Family tree

After we turn the corner at the end of the street, out of sight of Olivanders and it's strange owner, I stop in front of the boys, nearly causing them to bump into me, "What was up with him? Why was he so obsessed with my grandfather?" I ask, frustrated at how little I know about this world, "Why am I meant to be fighting evil, and how the bloody hell am I meant to do that anyway!?"  I take a massive gulp of air, only just realising that I must have said that in one breath.

Malfoy and Zabini stare at me like I'm a bomb that's about to go off. I stare back, my expression demanding answers. Malfoy takes a deep breath, and says quickly, "He's a freak, your grandfather was a direct descendant of Salazar Slytherin, you're not fighting evil and the last question therefore doesn't need answering!" Zabini promptly bursts out laughing, while I, on the otherhand, am shocked. However, I try my best to look outraged.

"And why wasn't I told any of this?" I ask, suddenly the tiniest bit hurt at knowing how much hadn't been told to me.

Malfoy sighs and walks next to me, ushering me forwards with him. "Amelia, we all wanted to tell you, even Potter and his groupies, but Dumbledore made us swear not to." Zabini is walking along with us now, evidently he hadn't been told any of this either.

"Why would Dumbledore do that?" I ask, "Surely I have the right to know? He was my grandfather, after all." My voice has been rising slowly, and I stop abruptly, realisation whacking my full in the face. I stop, as if it were a physical force, "I'm Slytherin's descendant." I say, in barely more than a whisper, then, putting two and two together, I add, "That's why the Hat put me in Slytherin. That's why I have the same wand as my grandfather. That's why my father didn't want me to become a witch." My head is spinning now, and I feel like my legs have turned to jelly. My head rushes and I feel the effect of gravity as I hit the snow covered ground. I faintly realise that it had been snowing while we were in the wand shop, and just before the blackness absorbs my head completely, I feel a puff of breath on my face, and arms lifting me into the sanctary of the unconscious.

When I wake, I reach out to pull my hot water bottle closer, but feel only crisp, cold sheets. I'm laying on my back, which is most unusual, and with a jolt, I open my eyes, and realise that I'm not at home.  The ceiling is made of a light stone, and there is a white curtain surrounding me. As my eyes follow the curtain from my left to right, I jump in surprise as I see an old man sitting on a chair next to me. He smiles, and his blue eyes twinkle. Still in my half awake state, I realise that this is Dumbledore, and not just some random old man. "Good morning, Amelia." He says serenely, and his voice calms me at once. "I can see that the Sorting Hat made the right descision; you evidently have good friends in Slytherin." Maybe it's just me, but he seems slightly put out by saying this. At any rate, he carries on, "Mr Malfoy and Mr Zabini told me what happened, and that you are fairly interested in getting some answers?" I nod, and try to prop myself up onto my elbows, but, when this doesn't work, and Dumbledore pushes me gently back down again, I just lay still on my back.  "Mr Malfoy was right, your grandfather was a descendant of Salazar Slytherin, and your assumptions were correct in that you are too. You also deduced correctly most of your other accusations," He laughs lightly, "And, yes, you do have the right to know."  I lay silently, hanging on every word while Dumbledore tells me about my ansestors.  My grandfather had been a great supporter of the Dark Arts, and of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, when he came to power. However, he had been too old to be involved actively, despite the fact that he was still a very powerful wizard. He had enrolled my father's help in eliminating mudbloods, but since my father had been placed in Hufflepuff, he disagreed strongly.  It was this reason he didn't want me to attend Hogwarts or to learn about my history. He was afraid that I would continue with my grandfather's wishes, or else be eliminated because I was a muggle-born.

"My dear, I am afraid I have caused you to miss your breakfast, bu-"  The Headmaster is interrupted by a stern looking witch with a nurse's cap on.

"Proffesor, there are two boys wishing to know if Miss Nelksy is okay. What should I do with them?" She asks, obviously longing to be rid of the boys.

"Madam Pomfry, I think we should open these curtains, it is getting quite stuffy in here, I'm sure you'll agree, Amelia?" I open my mouth to reply that I was, actually quite comfortable, but he continues anyway, "Send the boys in, I was just leaving."

Madam Pomfry pulls back the curtain to reveal a concerned looking Malfoy and Zabini, and running up behind them, were Potter, Weasley, and Granger, all looking quite panicky.


Yep, very short again, but I was dying to update!!

The End

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