The Wand Chooses the Wizard.

During the meal, which was very nice, but for the fact I couldn't ask any questions, since I didn't want to talk to Pansy, wasn't allowed to ask Malfoy, and didn't know anyone else, I got a mention, which was terrible. Clever Old Dumbledore had to point out that there had been a new addition to Slytherin house, and made me stand up. Malfoy whispered at me to 'look confident', and from the look he gave Pansy, it looked like he got kicked too. It was quite hard, though, given the fact that I was getting cheers from the entire Slytherin table, but the Gryffindors were booing loudly, and both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were glaring at me. I sat down quickly and ate the rest of my meal twice the speed I usually would.

Afterwards, we walk back through the wall to the Common Room together.  Malfoy drags Parkinson to the side, away from me, and asks in a loud whisper "What was all that about?!"  I turn to look at them and Malfoy meets my eyes, so he lowers his voice. However, I do notice when they come back over, Parkinson's being considerably nicer to me. Or at least, she forces her smiles a lot more. I, on the contary, still glare at her, and she does notice.  For the rest of the evening, I am caught between forced, awkward conversation with Malfoy and Parkinson, or being swamped by congratulations and chat-up lines from Blaise, which are promptly stopped by firstly, Snape, who happened to walk in, and secondly by Malfoy.  When he forbids Blaise from making moves on me, he turns and is greeted by several things. A punch from Parkinson, who then stalks off to the dormitory, an incerdibly confused look from myself and Blaise, and to me, he shrugs, and to Blaise, he shoots a look which seems to say 'Any problems?!'

Malfoy and Blaise pull me down onto a sofa between them, and Blaise asks me how much magic I knew. I reply, rather embarrassed, that I know none, and he says "Wow. I didn't know they let Mudbloods in Slytherin."  At this, Malfoy leaps out of his seat,

"SHE IS NOT A MUDBLOOD!" He screams, and I shrink back into the sofa, aware of all the eyes that have turned to look at us.  Blaise stands up to meet Malfoy, but I detect hesitation in his eyes. "Her father was a wizard. And her bloodline is anything but tainted." Malfoy says quietly, with a hint of malice in his voice. Blaise gets the picture and sits back down, and, after another glare, so does Malfoy. "At any rate, we'd better get you up to scratch. Take out your wand." He says. I frown.

"My wand? I was never given one." I say, confused. Malfoy rolls his eyes and pulls me up by the arm. We walk out of the Common Room, followed by Blaise, and head towards where I to believe is Snape's office. Malfoy barges in, and pulls me in too.

"Amelia tells me she doesn't even have a wand!" He shouts into the empty office. The smooth voice of Snape replies from a dark corner. I faintly wonder what he was doing there, but my thoughts are disrupted when he replies,

"Well then you'd better go and get her one." He says, emerging from the corner, "You have my permission. Use the Vanishing Cabinet." Malfoy nods, and walks out again. I am pushed by Blaise this time. Does no one know that I can walk by myself?!  We walk to a wall and wait. I am about to ask what we're doing here, but my voice is cut off by a grating noise coming from the wall. A door was forming. I feel my mouth fall open and close it immediately. When it turns whole, Malfoy opens it and we follow him through.  I am met by the strangest sight. Millions of random objects are placed on wonky shelves and in cupboards. Malfoy walks towards a large rectangular object covered by a cloth, and I follow, still staring at everything.  Malfoy and Blaise pull the cover off the Vanishing Cabinet, and we all step inside. Just as I am begining to think that this is a bit too cosy for my liking, Malfoy says something, and I stumble into him. He holds me up, and opens the door again. I step outside cautiously as we're greeted with the scene of a shop. A man runs up the stairs, sees Malfoy step out of the cabinet, and bows deeply. Malfoy, however, just sweeps past him, beckoning me to follow.

When we exit the shop, which I see a sign for, and know to be called 'Borgin and Burkes', we continue down a street. I gaze up at a very unstable-looking building called 'Gringotts', and Blaise explains to me that it is a bank. Malfoy and Blaise lead me towards a small shop, with 'OLLIVANDERS' emblazoned over the door. We walk in, causing the little bell to jangle. An old man looks out at us from behind a shelf, and smiles. "Ah, Mr Malfoy! And Mr Zabini! How lovely to see you!  And you've brought a friend. Is she to recieve a new wand?"

"Her first wand, Mr Ollivander" Malfoy replies, more respectfully than I would have imagined. A puzzled look crosses Ollivander's face, but it passes and he turns to me.

"Come along over here then, child. That's right. So whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

"Um... Amelia Nelksy." I say, and the puzzeled look returns to his face. He glances at Malfoy, who nods once.

"A great pleasure it is to meet you, my dear." He says, turning to look through his shelves. After a moment, he returns with a long, thin box. He removes the lid, and presents me with the beautifully carved wand.  "Maple and Augurey tail feather, 8 inches." He says to me. "Wave it at something." I do, and nothing happens. He frowns, and goes to retrieve another.  "Cherry and Phoenix Feather. 12 inches." He says, giving it to me. I wave it at a light, and it explodes. Ollivander laughs, "Mr Potter smashed that exact same light when he came to visit me! I shall have to enchant it not to break next time."  He goes back to his shelves, looks at me, and takes another box down from a low shelf. He's frowning as he gives this one to me. As soon as I hold it, a strong gust of wind encirles me, and proceeds to smash several framed pictures. As the wind dies down, I look at him, my expression matching his, asking for an explanation. "Ash and Dragon Heartstring. 11 inches." He says to me. "Your grandfather had exactly the same one." He crouches down and looks at me straight in the eye. I hear his knee crack. "You have the makings of a great Witch. I wish you luck in your quest against evil." I turn to look at Malfoy who is grinning. I put some gold coins on the desk and walk over to him.

We turn towards the door, but as we go to leave, Malfoy turns his head, "She's in Slytherin."  He says, in a very superior tone. I too, turn to look at Mr Ollivander, who is staring wide eyed at me. I smile nervously, and wave goodbye.

The End

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