When the staircase stops, Snape sweeps in front of us and says over his shoulder to me, "We're going down to the Slytherin Common Room. Remember the way."  I follow him and Malfoy, who has charmed my trunk to wheel along beside us. He points out the Great Hall as we walk past, and my stomach rumbles at the delicious smells. Snape turns left and heads down a staircase which leads towards a door. I look up and see about 300 staircases changing directions. I gasp at the sight, and Malfoy steadies me as I trip down a step.  Snape opens the door and walks into what appears to be a classroom. Malfoy confirms this for me by whispering in my ear, "Potions dungeon."  Then, to my surprise, Snape walks over to a wall, hesitates, and walks straight through it. Malfoy follows, and I'm left standing in the dark, wondering stupidly where they went. Suddenly, making me jump, Malfoy's head appears. "Just walk through, or run if you're nervous." He says, and disappears again. Tentatively, I press my hand against the wall and it falls straight through. Something grabs it from the other side and I follow my hand as I am yanked through the blank wall. I regain my balance to find Malfoy laughing at me, lounging on a chaise longue, and Snape wiping his own hand on his robes, a hint of a smile on his thin lips. I assume that he was the one who pulled me through the wall and gesture to him wiping his hand clean,

"I'm not that bad. I had a shower last Thursday." I say dryly, which sets Malfoy into another set of hysterics, as today is a Thursday. Snape ignores me and turns to Malfoy,

"Get up and show Miss Nelsky to her dormitory." He instructs bluntly, then turns, and walks out through the wall again.  Malfoy gets up and swaggers towards me, loosening his tie and undoing the top button. He drapes an arm around my shoulders and steers me towards yet another staircase, motioning to my trunk to follow. I am led into another room, furnished in dark green, with more people, and more chairs. Some stare at us as we enter, and I notice a few girls, one especially who looks like her head's been smacked with a shovel, glare at me. Malfoy lets me go and steps up onto a chair.

"This is Amelia Nelksy. She's been Sorted into Slytherin just now..." This brings a round of cheers and I can't help but smiling slightly, "...And is new to Hogwarts. Make her feel welcome or you'll have me and Snape to answer to." He says importantly, and jumps down.  A boy about a head taller than myself walks over to me.

"Hi. My name's Blaise, Draco's friend. If you need anything, give me a shout." He winks at me and wanders off. I raise an eyebrow and look at Malfoy. He shrugs and calls over the girl with the smashed face.

"Parkinson. Are there any girls in your dormitory? So I'm going up." Malfoy says, and walks away. He replaces his arm around my shoulders again and drags me up the stairs and to the right. I can feel glares penetrate the back of my head.  "This is the girl's dormitory." Malfoy says, pushing open a door and stepping into a room which has four beds with curtains.  "Normally I wouldn't be allowed up here, but your arrival permits me."  He leads me over to a tidy bed, as opposed to the others which are unmade, and sets my case next to it. "As I believe it, the others in your room are Parkinson," he shoots me a sympathetic glance, "Greengrass, and Bulstrode. Don't be surprised if they seem a bit hostile. I argued with Dumbledore to put you in a different dorm, but he wouldn't allow it. Anyway, I'll wait outside while you get into your robes. I'll escort you to breakfast when you're ready."  The prospect of food spurs me into action and I look at the school uniform that has been layed out on my bed. I change quickly, but having never had to wear a tie, I leave it, and walk out with it in my hand.  Malfoy looks at it quizzically.

"I don't know how to tie it..." I say, a little embarrassed. He lets out a short laugh and takes it from me.

"I'll show you." He walks behind me and ties it, telling me how as he does it. He turns me to face him, and nods in approval. "Green suits you."  He turns and walks down the stairs, through the magic wall, and towards the Great Hall.  We walk in, the massive doors opening for us, and take our seats on a really long table. I'm sitting opposite the girl with the smashed face, and she introduces herself as Pansy Parkinson. I wonder to myself why Malfoy looked sympathetic and look at him. I recieve a sharp kick on the shins and turn to look at Pansy. She's glaring at me, and suddenly, I don't feel like talking to Malfoy.

The End

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