To Hogwarts! *Cue Batman theme*

I walk over to Malfoy, who, quite frankly looks like he's about to die of shock. I wave a hand in front of his face and he snaps out of it. "So how are we going to do this?" I ask, and, if it's possible, his pale face flushes at least two shades of pale pink.  I hear Potter laughing at him behind me, and can't help but smile a little.  Malfoy picks up his broom, and apparantly in an effort to redeem his cool, begins explaining how to mount a broomstick.

"Well... You can either go on the front or back, I don't mind either way, but I've heard it'll be safer for you on the front." I nod as he says this, wanting the safest means possible.  He acknoledges my decision, and continues talking, "In that case, you get one first, yeah, that's right, like one of your wheely things..."

"Bike?" I offer, and he nods.

"Yeah, them. You don't need to hold on so tightly, it won't fall." He says, seeing my knuckles turn white.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see Potter walk over to his broomstick, mount it easily, and kick off up into the air.  He's looking down at us, apparantly enjoying the awkward atmosphere.  "I'll get on behind you now. It'll be a tight fit, but you'll be safe. I won't let a potential Slytherin go to waste." He says, smirking, and climbing on behind me. Although I hate to admit it, my heart jumps a little as I feel his cool breath on my neck.  He reaches around me to hold the broom just behind where my own hands are tightly clenched. He kicks off from the garage roof with no warning, and I sway slightly, and lock my legs together under the broom. He lets out a small laugh, "Like I said, don't worry. I won't let you fall."  His icy tone calms me as much as a herd of stampeding cattle, but I let it pass, knowing that Potter and the gingers in the flying car will (hopefully) catch me.

In an attempt to relieve the awkwardness of the whole flying combined with general closeness of the boy behind me, I ask, "So what's a Slytherin?" In reference to what he said to me before.

"It's one of the houses at Hogwarts, the school we're heading to now. There are four houses; Slytherin Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor, and we have the Sorting Hat, which sorts you into the houses." I nod, letting him know that I'm following so far. He continues, "The Sorting Hat judges you by your personality. It has a stupid song it sings too, letting you know what house has which traits. I can't remember it, and wouldn't sing it to you if I did, but the jist of it is that Gryffindors are meant to be brave, and it always eludes me how those Weasles got in." I laugh, unable to stop myself, but he seems to ignore me and carries on, although his tone has lost a bit of its frost. "Ravenclaws are meant to be logical, and clever,  Hufflepuffs are meant to be hardworking, and try their best," His mocking tone reveals his opinion of this house before he even says it, "But it's a pathetic house to be in. If I were sorted into Hufflepuff, I think I'd probably leave..."

"And Slytherin?" I prompt.

"My house. Where you can make real friends. We have real ambitions in Slytherin." Malfoy says, and I notice absently that he's practically whispering in my ear now. His breath tickles, and I make a conscious effort not to ask him to stop.

After about three hours, I see a lake, and on the island in the middle of it, a stunningly beautiful castle. "Is that it?" I ask, as I can see the light blue Ford Anglia landing next to... a moving tree... In answer, Malfoy swerves down, thankfully avoiding the tree, which, if possible, doesn't look very happy to see us.  In the dim light of the morning, I can just about see Potter get off his broom, and we follow him to where he landed, and I grin as we 'accidently' nearly knock him over, or, as Malfoy said, 'Help him off his broom.'  When we land, Malfoy gets off and offers me a hand, which I accept, because I'm shorter than him, and my feet don't quite touch the floor. After I have successfully dismounted, I look up to see a crowd of bizzarre looking adults gathering rapidly, one of them, with a feather in her green pointy hat, is carrying an old wizard hat, which I gather from Malfoy's description to be the Sorting Hat.  An incredibly old wizard steps forwards. His face looks kind behind his long white hair and beard, but when he speaks, he is firm, and controlling.

"Welcome to Hogwarts! A bit later than we were expecting, I might add, but you're here now, and that is all that matters." He says, ushering us all inside. Malfoy offers to put the brooms back in the storage closet, and walks away from us with a single glance back. He mouths something to me, but I can't tell what it is, so I let myself get carried forwards by the adults and the others.  While I am gaping stupidly at moving paintings and see-through people, I am pushed into a spiral staircase with everyone else, and it spins upwards. I am pushed out again, and promptly seated on a stool by Hermione.  The witch with the green feathery hat, who I am told by Hermione in a whisper is the Head of Gryffindor, Proffessor McGonagall, places the smelly old hat on my head.

"Smelly old hat, am I?!" It says loudly, and I squeak in surprise, which causes the wizard with long white hair to laugh loudly.

"Well... When was the last time you were washed?" I ask, unsure, yet strangely confident. This question, however, sets the hat off.

"Would you like to be dunked underwater and rubbed against soap?! No? Well shut up then. I've got to Sort you, so let's get this over with."  I mutter a sorry without really meaning it, just assuming it's expected.  The Hat, however, sees through me once again. "You didn't mean that. Right. Not Hufflepuff. Definately not. You have a sharp mind, Amelia, a trait they value in Ravenclaw. As for Gryffindor, yes... You have a true heart, but a thirst for something more."  I look around at the Weasleys, Potter and Granger, and see them all looking at me, apparantly not breathing.  Distractedly, I realise that the only house left is Slytherin. "Right you are. Slytherin. You have ambitions, and it seems to me that you could do with some real friends....

SLYTHERIN!!!" The hat yells, and I see the others release their collectivly held breath. I smile, assuming this is a good thing, but none of the others look to pleased. McGonagall takes the hat off my head and places it on a high shelf. The white haired man walks over and stands in front of me.

"My name is Professor Dumbledore. I am the Headmaster here, and I hope you fit in well.  As I'm sure you're aware, your case is a strange one, in that you have joined us in your fifth year.  We have supplied your robes and school supplies, and we will wait for Mr Malfoy to return to take you to your dormitory. In the meantime, may I introduce Professor Snape." He gestures to a tall man with black hair and a hooked nose, who reminds me vaguely of my chemistry teacher. "He is the Head of Slytherin House, and he teaches Potions." Snape nods to me in greeting and I return the gesture.  Dumbledore then seems to notice the others, and chuckles, "I see your new acquaintances are a little disappointed!" He turns back to me, "You see, there is charactaristically a little rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor, and these fine children are in Gryffindor." I nod in understanding, and the spiral staircase starts moving again.  Snape speaks up for the first time, and I reckognise my chemistry teacher in his monotonous, dry voice.

"It appears Mr Malfoy has decided to join us at last." He says, flicking a wand out from under a long black sleeve and pointing it at the stairs which move faster, revealing Malfoy, who has now apparantly changed into his school uniform. He steps out into the room.

"I hear you're in Slytherin? Congratulations. You now classify as better than this lot." He says, smirking at me. I smile, however Dumbledore shoots Malfoy a warning glance.  Malfoy, however, ignores this, "Come on then, you'd better get into your robes, breakfast is in half an hour." He says, turning to leave, sneering at the Gryffindors on his way out. I follow him, and I am followed by Snape. I feel everyone's eyes on me, but I hold my head high, and step into the elevator/staircase.


There we go, that was a nice long chapter :D  Hope you enjoy it so far!  And, yes, I apologise, but this will most likely turn out to be an OC/Draco fic!

The End

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