Broom or Flying Car?!

I ask the group of people to turn and face the window while I get changed. I flick the lightswitch, which brings gasps to the gingers, while Malfoy promptly rolls his eyes. I make a small twirling motion with my finger and they turn back around. I stand with my back to them and start getting changed. After I've pulled on a pair of skinny jeans, I hear one of the girls make a shocked sort of noise, that I immediately familiarise to the sound of someone getting punched in the stomach... Not that I'd know of course. I turn my head in time to see the Weasley girl slap both of the twins simultaneously on the arm. "You know, I could have sworn you two were both currently dating?!  I'm ashamed to be your sister! The only guy here who has even a slight excuse to be looking at other girls is Malfoy, and he's looking out the bloody window!! Have some respect!"  I pull on my shirt while laughing to myself. To be honest, I didn't really care who looked at me. They were ginger, it was never going to happen.  Malfoy turns around to see everyone staring at him.  "What?  The sky's more interesting." He says, turning back to the window.

"Awh, isn't Malfoy interested in girlies?" Potter sneers at him, and is promptly rewarded with some kind of spell emitting from Ginny's wand.

"HARRY!! He's the only one who's shown a shred of dignity since we've arrived! Even if he is a Slytherin." She adds the last part in an undertone, but Malfoy obviously hears, as he spins on his heel to face everyone else, a look of thunder on his face.

"Which begs the question, why aren't there any other houses involved? I could have bought Blaize, or even Parkinson, although maybe it's better just me..." He says.

Hermione, of course, offers an answer, "Maybe Dumbledore thinks it would be good for house union? Or just to give Amelia a taste of the different houses Hogwarts has to offer."  Malfoy rolls his eyes again and opens my window.

"What are you doing?" I ask as he starts climbing out.

"We'd better get going, or don't you want to come?" He asks, half-smiling or sneering at me. Either way, I'm second out the window, sliding down the tilted conservatory's plastic roof.  As I land on the garage roof, I'm shocked by the scene I'm faced with. And obviously the others are amused by my expression. They all burst out laughing except for Malfoy, who just picks up one of the broomsticks.  There's two of them, and a Ford Anglia. On top of the roof. I blink hard, but when I open my eyes, it's still there.

Either Fred or George speaks up, "So, flying car.." The other twin picks up seamlessly "...Or broom?"

To be honest, I'm more doubtful by the idea of riding in a flying car than on a stick. "Broom." I say, barely even thinking about it.

"Good job," Ron says, opening the back door of the Anglia, "It's gonna be packed in here!"  He gets in, followed by Granger and Ginny in the back seat, and the other two Weasleys in the driver and passenger seat. I turn around to face the spare broomstick, and am faced by the Potter boy.

"Who're you going with? Me or Malfoy?" He asks, spitting out the blonde's name harshly.

"Who's not going to drop me?" I ask, and Harry eagerly says (shouts, really) "Me" and Draco raises a hand.  In all fairness, Malfoy, although definately the surlier of the two, looks more like the kind of person I'd trust. Potter looks all too likely to show off, and drop me. I point at Malfoy and walk over to him, not offering any kind of apology to the boy with the pen on his forehead.


Sorry that was such a short chapter! Time flies when you're having fun, eh?!  I'll write more tomorow, rabid fans of about one in number ;)

The End

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