Do you believe in magic?

This is a Harry Potter fanfiction. If you don't like it, don't read!! All of Rowlings characters belong to her (the wonder she is), and all my OC's belong to me!!
A bunch of witches and wizards from the realm of Hogwarts barge into my room at silly o'clock in the morning and expect me to believe I'm a witch. Course. And the Queen of bloody Sheba's next door.

I wake up suddenly, knowing that something, but not sure what, woke me.  I hear slow footsteps on the stairs and the handle to my bedroom creak. I close my eyes, relax my face and feign sleep. There’s a scuffle as the intruder trips over one of my possessions I couldn’t be bothered to pick up the night before and someone whispers.

“How do you suppose we’re meant to wake her up?”  This voice is followed by two nearly identical ones,

“We’ve got some…” The first finishes and the next picks up almost in perfect time, “Puking pastilles in the bag.” I hear a thump and an “Ow” as someone gets hit.

“Idiots.” Another, harsher voice spits, “You can’t just stick things in her mouth while she’s asleep.”  Another boy quickly picks up on this,

“Oh look, I think you’re growing soft, Malfoy.”  Another thump, louder this time, followed by another.

“Honestly you two, you don’t want her to wake now and get this first impression, do you?” Says a girl this time, a very bossy girl, by the sounds of it.  Deciding I had heard enough and wanting to know why this group of teenagers was in my room, I sit up in bed.

“Why are you here?” I say with false confidence, not wanting these people, who obviously know who I am, to know I’m scared out of my wits.  Even in the dark, I feel several pairs of eyes on me.  One of the boys whispers something I can’t hear, and a crowd of five boys and two girls are illuminated.

I sit up very straight in bed, as dignified as possible while clutching my elephant hot water bottle and studying the people. Four of them have blazing red hair, the other girl has frizzy brown hair, not unlike my own, another boy has glasses like my mother wears and messy black hair, and the last boy has tidy white blonde hair and a serious expression. They're all grinning at me except this boy. I glare back at them. Since they all look my age, I decide I can assert my authority. Thinking quickly back to what pyjamas I'm wearing, I jump, rather than climb down the ladder of my bunk bed and stand in front of the group. To my relief, I see that I'm not the shortest os them; there's a ginger haired girl who's smaller than me. "Why are you here?" I repeat, still glaring, my arms conveniantly folded over my Tinkerbell pyjama top. The serious boy evidently decides that the others aren't going to provide me with an answer, so he pushes his way to the front (a challenge, considering the size and tidiness of my room).

"My name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy." He says, extending a hand to me. When I ignore it, the black haired boy steps forward.

"Harry Potter" He says, also extending a hand, but dropping it quickly (and wisely) when he sees I have no intention of shaking it. "Amelia? How old are you?" He asks, quickly covering up the awkward moment.

"Fifteen. Why does that concern you?" I ask, still suspicious. He looks puzzelled as I bend my legs slightly, ready to either just out of the window behind me or to fight.  One of the red haired twins sees my move, however subtle I wanted it to be.

"Petrificus totalus" Says one of them, pointing a rather unconvincing stick at me, for a split second, nothing happens, but then a bright white light shoots out the end and forces me back into the wall. I mentally shake myself and open my eyes to see me lying face up, staring at this motley crew. I try to talk, but my whole body seems to be frozen. The blonde boy and the dark haired boy are kneeling by my head, the Malfoy boy on my left, and Potter on the right. Next to Malfoy are the twins, looking at me with identical expressions, and then the small ginger girl. Next to Potter are the bushy haired girl, and another ginger next to her. The bushy haired girl speaks up,

"Amelia, please don't be afraid. My frie..." She shoots a glance at Malfoy before she continues, "My aquaintances and I want to help you. My name is Hermione, this," She gestures to the ginger boy next to her "is Ron." She nods to the ginger girl on the other side of me, "Ginny, Fred, and George, although don't worry yourself if you don't know which one is which." She says as the boys laugh. I tense my jaw, and finding I can move it again, reply,

"Why do I care about your names? What are you doing here?"  Hermione takes a breath and speaks up again,
"We've come from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We're in your year, and were told to collect you. You were meant to have recieved a letter when you were eleven, but obviously that never happened."

"The body binding spell should wear off in about 57 more seconds." Adds Malfoy, looking at a strange, but expensive looking watch. Sure enough, I clench my fists and wiggle my toes.  "Just one question, and we'll explain everything else when we get to Hogwarts." He tells me. I think for a while, and prop myself onto my elbows.

"If I'm right, and where you're taking me's real, I must be a witch. My question is do my parents know?" I ask.  Potter looks at the others and then turns to me.

"Your father is a wizard. He didn't want you to attend, wanted you to have a normal life, but you're not normal, and it just didn't work. Your mother knows nothing about you or your father."  I look down, shocked. My father is a wizard? In all fairness, I had never felt like I fitted in, and I could do wierd things sometimes, but I'd always just assumed it was my stubborness that I wasn't ordinary.

The twins look at me, bringing me back to reality and ask as if they'd rehearsed it, "Which would you like to travel on? Flying car, or broomstick?" I blink stupidly at them, unsure if they're being serious. "Me, him, Ginny, Ron and ol' clever clogs over there will be in the car, the others will be on brooms." Either Fred or George adds, reading from my expression that I didn't believe them.

"Uh... Broom?" I say, not really sure I'll be alive at the end of the journey, but knowing that, unless this flying car is an expensive people carrier, which, judging by the state of their clothes, it wasn't, then it would have difficulty fitting me in.  Realising that I'm still lying on the floor in between these people, I scramble up onto my knees and sit between Malfoy and Potter. "Can I get changed first?" I ask, noting Hermione and Malfoy looking curiously at my "Don't even Tink about it" pyjama top.


Thanks!! This is the first bit of my Harry Potter fanfic!  More will be uploaded tomorow, or some other random time, and I promise you it will get funnier/better!  In case you were wondering, my fic is set when all the characters are 15, so the Order of the Phoenix/Half Blood Prince.  If people have died, they're alive now!!

The End

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