Do you believe in magic?

I swallow a gulp of cabbage as my dad takes a sigh, my ma looks at my sister annoyingly to eat her corn beef, and then there's our dog bunker, who is eating his dinner in the corner of the kitchen. "I think we should tell them, Stephen." My mother's voice dry. My dad was trying to avoid somthing. I could tell he looked so uneasy about somthing. Which makes me want to know what is going on even more now. "Alrighty, Well. . ." there was a short pause as he swallowed,"we're moving."  Plainly. Simply. At that. "We're moving."  I dropped my fork into the small mountain of mashed potatoes. "What?!" I  squeak. My dad looks yet again at my mom into her blue slate eyes. My ma slowly moves her lips," We're moving. . . Your dad has gotten this unbelievable job offer in the country. Abbs, you'll be able to have a horse. A few horses at that! Meggie, you can have a bunch of pigs!" My mom was excited about this. Probably more about getting pigs then anything else. My sister and her were obssessed with pigs and me with horses. I smiled. My own horse. I could ride on wide - opened land and we could have the money to have built an arena. This is to good to be true.

" So, you two are okay with moving?" My ma asks worried.
"Sure." I say smiling, still lost in my "la la" land. "Sure." Meg agrees.
"Glad to hear that.  Get packing. We are leaving in a week." My ma says. A week! I have to say bye to everyone. Like jackie. Jackie. She's my best friend. I've known her since I was little. I knew it was to good to be true. I completely forgot about reality.

The next day all I could think about was jackie. How could I leave her. She was like a sister to me. I couldn't just leave her in the dust.  Her mom is schedualed to die in the hospital at anytime now and her dad left them when she was only a baby. She barely has any family. The rough family doesn't show on Jackie though. She is so sweet, and halarious. She tells me everything. She would get stuck with her aunt, who has a  "mild"  mental problem. She flips on jackie, for no apparent reason. As I thought this through on  small tire swing. My cell phone begins to buzz. It was jackie, I always get worried when she calls. You never know if its about her ma.

"hey best fraaaand," waiting for a reply. A sniffle comes from the other end.
"Jacks, what is it?" I ask. Its her ma. I know it.
"My ma," I mouthed the exact words at the exact time I begin to tear.
"What about her?" I ask. That was a stupid question to ask.
" She's dead." silence.
"Oh jack's. . I'm so so so sorry." I say crying, try to hold in the cracking voice from the tears.
"I'm going to have to live with my aunt. She's the only family I have left." silence.
"NO, jackie."
"wh-" Cutting her off.
"We are gonna take you in."

The End

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