Isadora is one of your regular high school students. But when his life is turned upside down, can the demons of his past possibly help him make it through the trials that life has placed in his path? Down many paths, he will travel, making friends he never knew he had.

Do you believe in Demons? Have you ever felt like you don't even know who you are? Or have you felt that a friend seemed strange? Most of you might say "Yeah, my friend has been acting a little strange since that break up." Then there are the few out there that believe this doesn't have a single thing to do with them at all. What if you are looking at demons the wrong way? Did we give them the wrong face or name? Did we let them off harshly by failing to acknowledge their existence? Maybe they tear at us so that we will realize their true potential. To see that they live along with us. Though we may not want them to, they just might always be there against our very own will. What if they are taking our freedom as they give it to us?

    I don't mean the kind from stories. Not the shadowy ones with glowing red eyes. Those are the fictional kind that you find. They are the bad demons that want to kill the main character so that they can't save the world. I want to tell a story about the ones that are physical. Monsters that abuse us from the outside. Marring our skin with words and bruises that we can’t ever seem to get rid on. A constant reminder of how one can try to tear us down though they may be tearing themselves down as well. The emotional demons, they are the mood swings that tear us down of our own accord. The depression that leads one to take their life, it all ties into the demons of emotion. The ones we try so hard to conquer. Though we may never win against them. The final demon that claws at the confines of our mind. The kind that eats away out mental strength and leaves us for numb and dead. These demons come out in a number of ways. Split personalities, the one chance that the demon gets to put its own voice inside your dead. Taking control and latching on tight. Like a leech that you can't get off. It lives as you live, breathes as you breath, dies as you die. Schizophrenia, when one can no longer keep hold of their sanity. They lose their grip and spiral down into the depths of insanity.

    Have you ever felt like everything was just fine, just to be wrenched head first onto a roller coaster that spirals endlessly? Circle after circle of nothing but Chaos. You can't seem to escape this ocean as the ride takes you deeper into the depths. Until you feel like you are suffocating? Everything seems to just drag you down. Dancing into such a Chaos that you lose all control of your stomach. You find yourself retching as you face the chaos that ales you. Maybe somewhere in your life, a little demon has eased their way in and latched on. You can't quite see them, but they can see you and they are willing to feed from that Chaos for you. All you have to do is see them. They don't want to hurt you, they are simply trying to help you juggle the stress that can come from life. If you give them the small chance, then maybe, just maybe, they will lead you on the right course. The one you wanted to follow for so long.

    When the pressure of life becomes a strain and you feel like you are about to break from the strain of trying to carry such a burden, just let go. Let your hands release the control that you have held onto so long. Let you little demon slip into place. Maybe this is just my demon talking himself, but they can be very good. When stress threatens to crumble you to your already weakened core, release yourself. Your demon can take care of it all. Their personality if yours. They are there to help you. They know exactly how to release certain things so that when you come back into control, stress doesn't just crash down on you. So that it doesn't threaten to tear down your walls and release itself in a way that you don't want to happen. Emotions have a mind of their own. Demons are there to release those emotions without hurting the fragile core that is the human soul.

Growing up, I lived in the lair of a demon. A vicious monster that haunted me for so many years of my life. Luckily I finally got the chance to escape. He had always been an abusive demon. He tried to rip my strength and walls away. Maybe he thought that every hit, kick, or throw would get him one step closer to destroying me for good. Even if he did get closer to destroying me for good, I never let it show. Not to anyone. Not my family, not my friends, not to the therapist. I stayed strong and even when they found evidence, I veered them from the path so that they were always one step farther from discovering the truth.

     I am Isadora and this is how I discovered my Demons.

The End

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