Do women really love this stuff?Mature

'I‘ll see you later,’ I shouted down the hall, picking my keys up from the table. Stopping in front of the wall length mirror giving myself the once over. Straightening my designer skirt and glancing down admiring my new Jimmy Choos. New on today, how I love new shoes.

‘Hang on babe’ Jack shouts running down the hall to me planting a kiss on my cheek. Jack, in his designer boxers, perfect body, great tan and sexy eyes, ha ha my latest model catch. Chewing on a piece of toast, licking his lips, his teeth so white, well I did pay for him to get them done. Ha ha.

I wave my goodbyes and head out to the lift, well I do live in the penthouse you know. Nothing but the best for me. God how I love my life, I think, being born with a silver spoon in my mouth, everything handed to me on a plate. Mummy and Daddy sent me to the best finishing schools, gave me the best start anyone could ever possibly have, mixing with royalty, dining with the presidents, and sitting next to Celebes in Elizabeth Arden while having my nails done yet again.

The End

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