do something unusual every day

I ate a peach with a fork

I laughed so hard i cried

i jump in puddles and i dance in the rain

Thats living.

Life is short.

When I'm old, i want to look back and remember all the crazy things I've done.

I want to live with no regrets

I want to be able to say I've never missed an oppertunity to make a fool of myself.

I don't have time to wait for someone to dictate my life.

I don't have time to please someone.

Because when it comes down to what matters, worring is poisen

its best to let things play out

make the most of them

and laugh so hard you'll never forget it

because smiles and good times are what matters

and life. is. shhort.

Don't ever miss out on a good time

The End

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