Do not think...too much

If one begins to think too hard on what has past, but cannot be changed,

They will go mad.

If they linger over what is happening now, and thus restrict their actions accordingly, They will never live.

If they ponder over possible outcomes for their sure coming futures,

Those futures may remain out of reach.

No! Thinking, and lingering, and pondering are no good.

They cause only uncertainty.

One must live in the moment, and allow fate to find them where it will.

They should not fear, for if they indulge those fears,

they will never live.

They should not wish, for wishing makes the heart sick with disappointment.

They should just live, and what becomes lost, is lost.

They should not linger on the past.

Because look! Look at all that has been obtained!

So go! Go and Live!

Do not regret, and do not think...too much.

The End

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