Do it just to do itMature

You’re going about it all wrong. You need to want her but not just in the sexual way. You’re going after her like a piece of meat. She wants you to be there for her. If this is a relationship, then treat it like one. If your going after a girl do you get to know her or do you jump right on top of her? You have to earn her trust, be more romantic, just because she is a simple girl it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want those special days and night.

You want to win her take her out and chill with her don’t just have the dick on the mind. Crease her; make her carefree about being out with you. Let her be able to put her wall down for those couple of hours when she is out with you. Do the simple things for her because she will love you for it. Some days just make it about her like if she has had a long help her to relax and give her a massage and don’t expect anything in return. Just do it to it for her.

The End

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