Do I frighten you?

                    He bent down and looked into her cautious eyes. "Do I frighten you?" She thought over the question for a moment and looked at him. "Do you want the logical answer, or the impulsive answer?" He contemplated, "Let's go with the logical one." She looked a little startled at his response. "Am I afraid of you , yourself, your personality, experiences, and abilities; or you and the potential harm you could cause me?" He held back a smirk, "Both." "Well, there would be no reason for me to fear you in the matter of character; but going in, I know the worst harm you could cause me mentally, and obviously I know the worst harm you could cause me physically; so taking that into account, it wouldn't be a fear of you more as a fear of myself and what I am, or what I am not, to be more specific. The fear of not being able to stop you, or at least withstand what you could do. Fear of the unknown, as they say. Not knowing my maximum tolerance level. Not fully understanding my strengths, or in this case, my weaknesses. So, no. I do not fear you. If I should fear anything it should be just that, my own weakness. But of the many things about myself that scare me, that is not one of them." He was impressed. He thought about her answer. "So, taking that into account, just out of curiosity, if I had told you to answer on impulse, then what would you have told me?" She looked up at him, "Hell yes!" They both began to quietly chuckle.

The End

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