Chapter Five-Planning

Chapter Five


            "Grandma...?" I said as I walked into her now cluttered bedroom, "What are you doing?"

            "We have to be ready." She said.

            "Ready, what do you mean, ready? Ready for what?" I was confused. There had to be a way to reverse this curse. There just had to be.

            "Leona's not getting any better, nor will she ever, we have to be ready for when she transforms." Grandma was shuffling through boxes after boxes.

            "Can't we do something to prevent it?" I asked, panicked at what the answer may be.

            Grandma turned and looked at me, "No."

            "I'm sure there must be some way." I insisted.

            "No, Rinoa." Grandma looked at me with dagger eyes that also looked wounded.

            "What's in those boxes?" I asked, hurriedly, looking for a refuge from my grandmother's anger.

            "Information." She didn't even look up.

            "On...?" I prodded.

            "On my family history. Every report of the curse, ever. There's also modern information that has been passed around the family via mail or faxing," she paused. "We're all looking for a way to stop it."

            "Well, haven't you already read those pages?" I asked, thinking that she shouldn't need to waste time re-reading pages that she's already read, I know for a fact Grandmother has a fairly good memory.

            "No......I must say I haven't. I was for sure the curse was gone, or at least wouldn't hit me so directly, I just tossed all the given information in here, I'm going through it to see what I have and haven't read." She picked up a stack of papers and started examining them.

            "So..."I started on again, "There's no way to even hope for a way to stop Leona's transformation from taking affect?"

            Grandmother didn't answer me. She seemed focused on a single piece of paper. I peered over her shoulder and seen that it was a letter.

Dear family,

        I've found a cure. Well, not a cure exactly, just a way to aid it until it can be stopped, it doesn't stop the repetitive tasks, though, but you could just get therapy for that (Haha!). The instructions and apparatus is too much to send by mail, so if anyone is in need of it, you know where I live!

Love, Henry

            Henry? As in Uncle Henry? The crazy old kook who lived in the mountains? How did he find a cure?

            "When was that dated?" I asked.

            She checked the outside of the envelope, it was stamped: May 10 2003.

            Today's date was June 19 2009.

            Over six years ago!

            "Grandma!" I exclaimed. "Why wouldn't you think to read this??"

            "Rinoa, it doesn't say the content on the envelope. Once I saw it was from Henry, I just tossed it aside, thinking it was just a load of nonsense, which is what I still think it is now." She folded the short letter back up and placed it back in the box.

            I was shocked. Complete disbelief washed over me.

            Was she crazy? There was someone who claims to have a cure for the curse and she dismisses it?

            "Grandma! Uncle Henry has a cure! Do you know what this means?!?" I could feel my spirits lifting, something that happened to me often when there was nothing but a shred of hope in the midst of disaster.

            "Think about it, Rinoa. How would he know? Has he tested it? I highly doubt it, he lives alone, no children, never even married." She started sifting through the contents of the boxes again.

            "Shouldn't we at least call him?" My voice was almost begging now.

            "No, Rinoa. It's an excuse. An excuse to get someone to visit him, but we have bigger problems and we aren't going to waste what precious time we have left trekking up a mountain to see some old nut job who may or may not have a cure!!" Grandma screamed so loud I was sure the goldfish in the other room went into hiding. I had never heard her yell that loud in the fifteen years I've known her.

            "Do you even hear yourself?!" I asked.

            She only looked at me.

            "Leona is dying! And you want me to sit here and while there may be a way to help her?!" I was almost yelling, too. I mentally told myself to keep my cool.

            "Yes. I know what hope is, Rinoa, hope is not a good thing, it brings you up, just so it can whip you back at the ground again. You're young, you have a full life ahead of you, you don't need that." Grandma said solemnly.

            And with that she basically kicked me out of her room.



That night while I was lying in bed, I closed my eyes and felt the hatred towards my grandmother at the moment well up inside me.

            I couldn't believe how selfish she was being. My baby sister was going to die and she didn't want to make a lousy call to see if there was a possible way to help Leona.

            I would have called Uncle Henry myself, but I didn't know his phone number.

            ...But I did know his address.

            And right then and there I devised a plan.

            Hope may be a bad thing, but I was willing to risk it all.

The End

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