Chapter Three-Questions

Chapter Three



            I almost ran down the stairs, hoping that grandmother was home. I had left the book on my bed, not even bothering to put it away.

            When I got into the kitchen, it was empty, grandmother wasn't in there, but neither was her note, which I had left sitting on the counter where grandmother had originally put it.

            I decided to check on Leona again.

            Before I had even entered her room, she spoke to me, "Rinoa." She said. Her voice sounded different, her words curdled my blood.

            I didn't say anything, I just kept walking towards her room.

            "Why do you insist on not answering me when I call your name, I know you can hear me," Leona babbled on.

            I sighed as I entered her room, "What?"

            "You didn't knock," she informed me.

            "I don't have to, " I shot back.

            I looked around her room, noticing the now-huge pile of cut up construction paper sitting beside her bed.

            "What are you planning on doing with that, anyway?" I asked, genuinely curious.

            "Leave me alone!" She screeched.

            I backed up, "Whoa, relax!" I said as I left her room. Whatever, I didn't care if she wanted to repeatedly cut paper into a pile, I wasn't going to sit around and watch her.

            I stopped dead in the hallway.


            A repeated task.



            I spun on my heels and rushed back into my sister's room.

            "Leona! You have to stop! NOW! " I ran up to my sister and ripped the scissors from her hands, well attempted to, anyway. She was really strong.

            Super-human strength.

            The realization made me struggle that much harder.

            "What are you doing?!?!" Leona screamed.

            "Let go!" I pulled even harder.

            I got a glimpse of her face as she smirked and replied, "Sure."

            She released the scissors suddenly and before I knew it, a stabbing pain hit me in the stomache. I flinched backward and dropped the scissors. I felt my stomache for a wound.

            Nothing on the outside of my shirt, I lifted it up, there was a scratch about two centimetres long, but it was pretty deep, blood started to seep out and I quickly covered it with my shirt again, I wasn't one for blood, I'd deal with that later.

            I looked up at my sister in horror, expecting her to have an apologetic smile on her face, or, if she was in the mood for ignorance, turned around, cutting more paper.

            But no, she was sitting there, smiling. Not an ‘I'm sorry' smiled. But a devilish smile, stretching from ear to ear.

            "I told you to leave me alone," She said, making it sound like it was my fault.

            "Ugh!!!" I yelled. "Leona, you'd better hope that grandma isn't home!"

            I walked out of her room, feeling a tad bit childish for playing the, I`m telling card. But still trembling, trembling for my sister's possible fate.

            Oh well, I thought to myself, she wants to stab people with scissors, she`s going to have to pay the price.

            I walked into the living room and seen grandmother sitting on the couch, staring at, well, staring at nothing, the TV wasn't on, there was no music playing, she didn't have a book, she was just sitting there.

            "Gr-," Before I could say anything, she interrupted me.

            "Rinoa, it isn't safe here anymore, not for you, not for me, heck probably not even for the neighbours. We have to leave." She said, her eyes were glazed over and I thought I saw tears sitting on the edges of her eyes.

            I sat down beside her, I thought of saying something like "Grandma, what are you talking about?" Or "What's wrong, grandma?" But all that came out of my mouth was, "I know."

The End

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