Chapter Two-Secrets

Chapter Two



            The next morning I woke with a massive headache due to lack of sleep. I couldn't get Grandmother's book out of my head. What did it mean by curse? Surely it wasn't what I thought it was, was it? I doubted it, but I still couldn't fight the urge to read more of the book, our book, my book, my family's history.

            I flung the covers off and sat up, my head instantly pounding and giving me a dizzy spell, I cringed from the pain. I stood up and walked to my own personal bathroom. I washed my face and opened the medicine cabinet. Well, it was my version of a medicine cabinet, all that was in there was aspirin, allergy medication for my allergies to cats, and bandages. I took an aspirin then headed downstairs. I was about to have breakfast when I noticed a note on the counter, it said:



            I realized you were right about the groceries, so I went to town to pick them up. I left at 9;20am-ish, I should be about an hour, so whenever you get up, help yourself to the pre-made pancakes in the fridge. Leona already ate, and when I left she was in her room cutting up more paper, did you notice the pile of it beside her bed? I wonder what she plans on doing with it. Anyway, I better get going before you get up and this note goes to waste.




            Typical. My grandmother always signed her letters with the word bad, not because she was, but she'd gotten used to it. Her initials spelled out BAD: Beth Angela Dmetrius. My grandmother had gotten married to a Jerry Haroll, but had gotten her last name re-changed to Dmetrius after the divorce.

            I looked at the clock. 9:34am, I had just missed her.

            I went to the fridge to fetch the pancakes when it hit me.

The book.

            This was my only chance to read the book without having to worry about grandma catching me.

            I forgot all about the pancakes and breakfast in general as I ran as fast as I could to grandmother's room.

            When I got there I went straight to the night stand where the book had been left last night, only it wasn't there. I quickly scanned grandma's only bookshelf. It was small, had maybe four shelves and about thirty to forty books. But not one of them was the one I was looking for.

            I thought to myself for a moment, grandmother seemed very erratic about me reading it, which brought me to believe that she didn't want Leona or I to ever read it, so she must have hidden it.

            I immediately went to her closet. I checked behind her clothes underneath the custom built shelving unit, and then finally I found it at the very top shelf of the closet underneath a pile of photo albums. I pulled it out carefully, I didn't want it to rip or any pages to fall out, so as soon as I was able to grab it with two hands I slid it fully out with ease.

            Not wanting to risk having Leona walk in on me, I left Grandma's room and walked to my room, I put the book under my pillow and quickly went to check in on Leona. Her back was facing the door so she didn't see me look in.

            I was shocked at what I saw.


            Beside her bed was a massive pile of cut up pieces of paper of all different colours, it was about the size of a small leaf pile, and sitting in front of it was Leona, steadily cutting more and more paper. I secretly wondered how many packages she had gone through so far.

            "Leave." Leona's voice startled me, how could she have possibly heard me?

            I stayed where I was, certain that she couldn't be talking to me, when she said, "I can hear your breathing, Rinoa. I know that it's you. So leave." She didn't even bother to turn around to face me.

            Without saying a word I slipped out of her room and went back up to my room.

            I checked the clock.


            I was running out of time.

            I grabbed the book out from under my pillow and went to the chair in the corner of my room. I carefully opened the book to the first page, they were just journal entries, I'd read those later, I was looking for something in particular.

            I kept flipping until I reached the page that I was looking for.


Dmetrius Family Curse


            For some reason, my hands were trembling. Trembling, over a book.

            No. Not the book. I knew darn right that it wasn't the book, it was what was inside the book.


October 29th 1890

Crime. That's what brought this upon our family. A crime that shouldn't have taken place in the first place, or at least that's how I feel. I'd like to start this documentary off like the professionals.

My name is Will Dmetrius. I'm going to give a recap of the crime before stating the information about the curse. But for starters, I have to say that this happened three years ago, I only now had the chance, and the information to write it all down.

Late one evening on September 12th, 1887, a ship called "The Smith" was scheduled to dock at the bay. My family and relatives aren't one of the rich families and weren't fond of it either. So three of the elders, Robert, Anna and Kerry, decided that it would be a good idea to steal the riches from the ship seeing that it is carrying some of the richest people in the world. I was one of the few to disagree and state that this wasn't a knowledgeable decision. But what use is it to argue with the elders, they make the decisions, we go along with it, that's how the Dmetrius family works. They had a boat and most of them were going to sail to sea and meet up with "The Smith" that way, anybody who might have had the chance to jump off, wouldn't have much of a chance of making it to shore. They had their boat loaded with weapons of sort, knives, arrows, etc. I was one of the few to stay behind. Lulu, and Frederick stayed behind with me, telling them that we would keep guard. But we didn't, after they were far enough out that they couldn't see us anymore, we ran. The three of us ran off, the only crime we had committed that night was stealing two horses, one for Frederick and one for Lulu and I. Lulu was sixteen, I was nineteen and Frederick was thirty-nine.

It still is a shame that out of all twenty-nine of us Dmetrius's only three of us had any common sense. Even the children ten and up did, though there weren't many of them. Lulu was in charge of taking care of the only baby while her mother was gone. Hilda, was the baby's name, and as much as Lulu had wanted to bring her with us, Frederick insisted that she leave it. I remember that she was so upset, claiming that Hilda deserved better than a criminal for a mother, and I remember feeling sorry for Lulu at the time.

So we left the village, we went very far, as far as our horses could muster. We had no idea how the ambush had gone, nor did we want to know. We were planning on changing our identities. We would keep our first names, but Lulu and I would be Frederick's children and our last name would be changed to Thistle, Frederick Thistle, Lulu Thistle, and Will Thistle. A nature last name was always a good way to go.

But things didn't happen as easily and they should have. The day after we arrived in the village we would be living in, something terrible and unexplainable happened to Lulu.

At first we didn't pay much attention to it, she just repeatedly washed the horses, over and over, never stopping, we thought she was nervous about something, we tried talking to her but she only shrugged it off. But we couldn't take it any longer, by the next day, the horses's skin was irritated, we asked her to stop and she through a fit, kicked over buckets of water, screeched wildly and scared the horses willy-nilly, Frederick and I tried to calm her down, but her pupils filled her eyes, her fingernails and teeth grew sharp, and she went on a rampage. She slaughtered the horses in ten, sickening minutes, with her bare hands in front of our eyes. Frederick told me to go, that he would handle it, I refused to leave, but regretted it afterward, she slaughtered Frederick too, quickly, at least, the man hadn't felt any pain. But I knew she would come after me next, so I decided to run, but she didn't chase me, didn't even try to, instead she started ripping herself apart, thrashing wildly out of control. I'm a grown man and I still have nightmares about it.

After she had killed herself, and there was a bloody mess so sickening, I almost threw up, I had no idea what I was going to do next. I grieved for days. But I finally decided on going back to the village, there I had discovered that what had happened to Lulu had happened to every other Dmetrius female in my family, my mother, my sister, my cousins, my aunts, my grandmother, they were all gone, just as Lulu and Frederick were. But what puzzled me was why only it had only happened to the females. I learned from my brother the entire story.

They went to the boat, things had gone well, they had many riches and every passenger had been killed. Well, all but one. Her name was Bessie Smith, she was the daughter of the man who owned the boat, she had jumped overboard without anyone knowing and swam away, she didn't make it to shore, though, a fisherman rescued her-he later became her husband-she knew who we were and informed the authorities, of course she had no evidence so they didn't really believe her, so she went and seen an old woman named Emidia. She was a witch, and Bessie got her to put a curse on the Dmetrius family. The curse had affected Lulu even though she hadn't been a part of the killing.

So I know have reached the end and am able to inform you on the curse.


Physical Appearance: Pupils have grown to cover the entire coloured part of the eye, fingernails and teeth sharpen into claws and fangs, skin becomes pale, body looks demonic

Other: super human strength occurs, super human hearing developes

Ending: Rips self apart, creating their own demise

Time span of rage fit: two hours max.

Warning signs: obsessive, repeated tasks

Chances of survival: Bystanders-75%--if they flee quick enough

                                  Person with curse-0%--unfortunate, but unavoidable

People who can by infected by curse: Female Dmetrius family members only


            If I thought my hands were trembling before, it was nothing compared to how much they were trembling now. I set the book down and looked at the clock.


            Was my grandmother home? I hoped she wasn't, but aside from that, I was also panicking from what I'd just read.

            What exactly did it mean? Was it true? Would that happen to me? Or Leona? Was it as bad as it seemed? Was it even the same Dmetrius family?

            Questions filled my mind, but no answers were available. I knew of only one person at the moment who had them.


The End

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