The U File

Harvey had just returned from the pharmacy where he bought some food and the grocery store where he picked up his medication.  Arriving home, he had just enough time to give Ferris a pat on the head before standing on his chair to read Joe’s latest acquisition.  The big blue cover, with the tiny American flag, caught his attention and he opened it with his left ear. “Just to get a sense of the author’s voice, eh, Ferris?”

March 12

Seems like the people are rather divided on things.  Not sure how to handle it all.  War may be imminent.  Need some time to think. 

October 10

So many are fighting me.  This may have to come down to a battle.  Nothing is ever black and white in this job and I’m battling both North and South to bring a reconciliation.  I must remind myself to send a letter to Mr. Grant.

Harvey turned to Ferris and said “That reminds me...”  Harvey pulled out an envelope and wrote an address in the top left corner.  He left the center of the envelope bare, didn’t bother to put a stamp on it, and ran it out to the mailbox. “Beating them at their own system, eh, Ferris?  Ok, back to work.”

June 13

Mary came home today with a nice turkey.  We haven’t had that kind of dinner since we lived on the ranch in Illinois.  I’m so tired of these tiny quail breasts and asparagus spears.  I think someone of my stature merits something a bit heartier.  Someone should make it a law to feed us better.  Wait...I could do that.

April 13

Proposed better dietary legislation for all members of government.  Fairly certain this was not a good use of time, but honestly, A man needs to eat.

April 14

Bill Seward, my secretary, came over tonight with tickets to the theater.  I cannot express my glee to the outside world, but sitting in that balcony will offer great freedom for a man who achieved the same fate for a nation. 

April 15

Mary looks gorgeous and we are heading out to the theater.  Will give a review halfway through the second act.

April 15

Was out in the lobby at the intermission and saw a man giving me dirty looks.  This job has its difficulties, and I don’t think my smile did much to assuage him.  How strange to think I can address a nation, and yet fail to appease just one man.  This play is truly a marvel.  I may even bring the show to the White Hou&(#D#^@%..<<fs$

“Well,” Harvey said in a huff, “that ended rather abruptly.  And look at this giant splotch on the page.  Here is a man who didn’t care much for his work.”  Ferris gave him the same look he always gave, to which Harvey responded “I agree my boy, U for Unfortunate.”



The End

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