Harvey Files an F

   When Harvey carried Ferris back into his immense office that afternoon, he set to work immediately.

    He put on his best reading glasses, rummaged for a slim volume at the bottom of the box, and began to read the spidery handwriting from the beginning:

June 1 - Hi there. Doctor says I should start keeping a little record of what I'm doing. So. Had macaroni and cheese for supper. And a glass of port after. Two, actually. Well, that's it.

June 4 - Alarm clock didn't go off. Slept late and almost missed the train. Prepared my presentation (Dangler account) but secretary told me it was tomorrow. The new guy (James? John?) popped in and suggested a quick pub stop after work. Sounded good, but went to the wrong pub and ate alone.

June 6 - Forgot to write diary yesterday. Chalmers liked my Dangler report.Sent flowers and card for Marcie's b'day.

June 7- Am getting a little peeved with DR. suggestion re: darn diary. Keep forgetting where I put it and don't anyway see the point in writing this stuff. Haven't done in 52 years why start now?

June 10 - Marcie rang a couple days ago and thanked me for flowers but said it was Angie's birthday and not hers. I told her that it was for next year. Had a good laugh.

Jule 4 - One year anniversary of Madge's passing. Visited grave with the girls.

July 7 - From now on I will put this diary on the kitchen counter because I can never find it when I'm ready to write something.

Chalmers called me in and said there will soon be layoffs and I might be redundant.

August 10 - stupid diary. I'm going to put it on the nightstand from now on because I can never find it. I'll have more time to write because of the layoff. They had a nice party for me and bought me this pen with my name on it. The new guy (Jim? George?) said he learned a lot from me. He's got the Dangler account now and I wished him well.

August weekend - This pen's different becuase I can't find the pen they gave me.  

    "Pretty easy," Harvey said to Ferris. He nodded thoughtfully before rising and making his deliberate way to the glass cabinet marked F. He slid the door open and placed the slim volume on a near-empty second shelf.

   "Absolutely a Forgetful," he smiled.

The End

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