The Human Blood ChurnsMature

Zora held her fists up trying to keep her newly painted nails hidden so that they don't get chipped. She set her dark Hazel eyes on the Man in front of her. "I highly suggest that you go back to your class room." Her feet where in a very strong fighting stance and her arms where set in such a position as well. She waited for his response with fire in her eyes. She was shocked though when he simply threw his head back and laughed deeply. She glared even more and opened her lip glossed mouth to speak but stopped when the strangers laughing stopping abruptly. She eyed him without saying a word and he simply stared at her. She moved to stand with her hands on her hips and her head cocked to one side. "Are you retarded or something? I said to leave and you laugh...then stop and stare....Did you hit your head or some shit?" Zora asked her voice thick and dripping with sarcasm.

The man cocked his head placed his hands on his hips and mimicked her.  "Are you like...Stupid or something?" Zora became even more enraged and flipped her shoe off of her foot in one swift motion and smiled as his swung toward his head. Laughing the man simply shifted his weight to the side and he flitted to her side. (Flitted: To move at vampire speed.) Zora gasped as he papered at her side so quickly. She had not even seen him move.


~Tashki~ Tashki smiled down at the Very bright colored female with dark eyes. "Say good bye Darling" He said simply and hit her over the head with his hand knocking her out cold. He caught her as she collapsed and threw her over his shoulder. Moved forward a bit he swept up her other shoe placing it delicately on her little foot. "Why this one? She is too damn bright!" He complained to himself and flitted back to Head quarters, a Small dark house at the end of a mostly vacant street. The house only contained one person at the moment and that would be Rorun, Tashki's elder. The one who, (For some odd reason) requested this girls presence in the house.  Tashki walked in and threw her un-caringly on the couch. "Why the hell do you want HER?"



The End

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