Divinely Viral BloodMature

This is the story of Vampire Boy and his human toy. It will catch you and startle you and twist you around. You have never seen this kind of story, not until now.

Zora Morana yawned in the stale air of the silent class room. All that could be heard were pencils or pens on paper, scratching away the answers. Zora stared at her half done work and she let her head slip violently onto the desk landing with sharp Pang.  She looked as all of the students let their eyes move her way. She sent back a look that would make a grown man shake in his boots. Leaning up silently she brushed back her hair and glanced to the person who was supposed to be a teacher but seemed to know nothing about math at all. Said teacher moved her way bumping into every single desk on the way, she sat in the back  so that no one would be at her back. The teacher placed a hand on her desk and arched an eye brow at her. "Why have you not started your class work?". Zora laughed and glared up at him. "Do you need your glasses? Because i have clearly gotten half way though the work already and trying to humiliate me for no reason is against your code is it not?" Her glare turned into a bright sarcastic grin that got her sent to the office again. 

Zora moved down the hall way with her high heals clicking on the tile. She had her back slung over her bare shoulder and hanging down next to her hip. She strutted down the hall was with a swing in her hips and a grin on her face. She sported a bright pink tube top and short white shorts. Her heels were a hot pink to match her tube top. Her face was eye liner coated around with eyes and shinned with simmering lip gloss. She moved into the office with a smile and the boy behind the counter shook his head. "Again?". He asked her and she simply flipped her hair over her shoulder. She took a seat in a red and black chair and waited with her legs crossed over one another.  She waited for her name to be called into the back office with the Oh so easily manipulated Principal. Zora would simply say that he was mistaken and herd her words wrong and that it was un-fair for her to be called out by the same math teacher every class. She would get out of it, she always did. "Zora Morana, Its your turn.". Zora stood with a confident smile and sashayed out of the office. "Bathroom first." She said simply all of her things in tow. She love to make them wait.

On her way some one stepped out of the dark corner, a guy with a trench coat on and dark inviting smile. As Zora got closer his smile dropped. "Are you Zora?" He asked in confusion. She she nodded he frowned deeply. "No why would he want be to get a nasty little pink thing like you?" Zora stopped in her tracks and glared at him. She would  ignore such comments usually but this was a stranger in the school and he was stepping all over her territory. "What did you just say?" She asked taking a strong stance. "I said that you are u-g-l-y" She glared and put her fists up. Oh it was on now.

The End

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